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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Mar 20, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    Clumsy DuPont Loses In Court Yet Again!

    Gevo, As David Beats Big Powerful Goliath, DuPont Butamax!

    Good Morning, Bonjour Guten Tag,

    Readers, long-time students of DuPont know that DuPont's big bosses love monopolies and semi-monopolies in which to ply their products and services. To that end, they and their in-house little lawyers from little known schools tried to knock out a small bio-fuel outfit on the grounds of patent infringement. The patent involves those little bugs, engineered micro-organisms, which eat and pee out biofuels.

    But right in their own hometown U. S. DIstrict Court in Wilmington, Delaware, Judge Sue Robinson ruled against Butamax, a venture between DuPont and the equally disreputable oil giant, BP, declaring that the Gevo patent did not infringe that of Butamax.

    Hmmmm...Seems the litigation losses by DuPont and its in-house little lawyers has become staggering in recent months.

    DuPont lost a $1 billion patent infringement lawsuit against Monsanto last August, 2012, and the U. S. District Court Judge Richard Webber ruled that DuPont had committed FRAUD on the court. Regarding DuPont's much touted "very environmentally friendly" dandelion herbicide, tree-killing Imprelis, there is a huge liability looming to settle tens of thousands of claims for tree losses pending in the U. S. District Court in Philadelphia. I speculatively see a potential liability to settle these claims and those Imprelis claims in numerous other federal and state courts across the land falling in the range of $1 to $2 billion or MORE!

    Merely the morning comments of one individual investor with both long and short positions in DD...funfun..

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    • Heres how it works in US court systems: the 1st NO means: YES. The 2nd NO means MAYBE. The 3rd NO means WELL.... the 4th NO means PERHAPS NOT. the 5th NO means NOT GONNA WORK.

      So how many f'g round does it take to silence the monopoly guys? I tell you hhwhat though: if I didnt pay my taxes even if it was just $100 the judge would be sendi g me into the gas chamber. #$%$?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The more money you have the longer you can tie-up your opponents in court .... in hopes of bleeding them dry .... how much is DuPont gonna spend in legal and court fees to protect a multi-billion market from being handed over to a small competitor with a market cap of less than $100million ?- The answer is : "plenty" . It's not about winning - it's about buying time for DuPont. Now, if DuPont loses and has to pay compensatory damages then they may look to settle ... if GEVO thinks they can collect they will press on for excess damages (the cost of lost opportunity) as well as a clean win on the patent dispute. Without Total and Cargill 's backing GEVO would be toast.

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