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  • centralstationamsterd centralstationamsterd Apr 1, 2013 7:36 PM Flag

    Big boost coming for GEVO

    Corn prices are heading into a bear market after the supply concerns seem to be over blown and corn futures have been tanking.This will be huge if it conts for gevos iso production when it starts. The corn bear is coming and we could see another 20-30% fall in corn prices this year.

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    • So what happens to GEVO when a barrel of oil drops to $45 thanks to fracking here in the United States.

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      • torvaldo Apr 1, 2013 11:54 PM Flag

        I'm a buyer at $45. The supplies of oil will be exported to China and because the renminbi will be worth so much more than the dollar, domestic oil prices will thus be very high.

        GEVO bio-produced isobutanol has huge economic advantages over petro-based production for solvents, coatings, plastics, fibers, gasoline and jet fuels, etc..... Falling corn prices will reduce marginal costs while marginal revenues increase as quantity demand grows due to specialty markets. This happens simultaneously as oil demand curve shifts out to the right increasing total consumption.

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      • Labor cost od Domestic oil production is very high, you wont see gas prices coming down. No, they wont stop making hybrids, v8s arent on the comeback, basically we arent going back to wasteful era, rather moving forward. Like it or not, alternative fuel is the future.

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