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    re: short interest

    Is there significant short interest in this stock? This stock can't get up off the mat.

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    • Its ready to roar this is actually the first time that Gevo has run its GIFT separation system at full-scale (due to alleged infringement by Butamax). Gevo intellectual property surrounding the commercial-scale production of isobutanol, Separation is a huge part of any industrial biotech platform. The more efficiently a company can separate its desired product from byproducts the more economical its total process
      ********Ramping- Gevo will continue to ramp up its production throughout 2013The barrios have been lifted and commercialization is secured. The ramp has started and the rest obviously GEVO is a winner and Butamax a customer for one of the processes. ******* The company offers low-margin ethanol producers the ability to retrofit production into higher value isobutanol, which sells for more than $4 per gallon. At the low valuation it is a take over target and good buy here. The road is long and wont turn a profit right away . BUT, as you look at the market and demand its clear Isobutanol has a variety of technical and industrial applications:
      feedstock in the manufacture of isobutyl acetate, which is used in the production of lacquer and similar coatings, and in the food industry as a flavoring agent
      precursor of derivative esters - isobutyl esters such as diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) are used as plasticizers in plastics, rubbers, and other dispersions
      paint solvent
      varnish remover
      ink ingredient
      paint additive, to reduce viscosity, improve brush flow, and #$%$ formation of oil residues (blush) on painted surfaces
      gasoline additive, to reduce carborator icing
      automotive polish additive
      automotive paint cleaner additive
      chemical extractant in production of organic compounds
      mobile phase in thin layer chromatography
      Ethanol is the 1st generation and Isobutanol is the 2nd generation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A similar mixture is being used by Dyson Racing in the 2010 American LeMans series.
      Isobutanol has four qualities which make it an attractive biofuel:
      Isobutanol has a relatively high energy density, 98% of that of gasoline.
      Isobutanol does not readily absorb water from air, preventing the corrosion of engines and pipelines.
      Isobutanol can be mixed at any proportion with gasoline,, meaning the fuel can "drop into" the existing petroleum infrastructure as a replacement fuel or major additive.[5]
      When biosynthesized by particular microorganisms, isobutanol can be produced from plant matter not connected to food supplies, preventing a fuel-price/food-price relationship.

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      • Thanks for this post. Very informative!

      • Shorts will be woke up the hard way very soon. You can stop the changing landscape and BIO world. The next several quarters are especially critical for Solazyme, Amyris, and Gevo -- all of which are ramping production at key facilities, building new facilities, and on the verge of launching new bio-based products to the market.
        The 21st century industrial revolution has already begun. Business Insider calls it "the next trillion dollar industry".
        Whether or not the fermentation product created in the final step is the end product depends on the application. Solazyme can create tailored oils during fermentation, which require minimal downstream processing and separation. Therefore, tailored oil commercialization would incorporate end-product specifications into the four steps above. Amyris, on the other hand, will initially create a building block molecule called Biofene (farnesene) during fermentation, which can then be chemically synthesized into any number of end products independent of the platform. Gevo's isobutanol will also be modified independently of its platform, although it doesn't have quite the reach of Biofene. That is quite all right, as I believe the company has drawn up a formidable business strategy.

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