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    After doing some research, I found that Gevo is finally charting upward. However, it's happening at a slow pace. Considering the recent good news it is growing slower than it should be. Investors are apprehensive but also afraid of missing out when the big climb happens. We can almost expect more slow growth but one of these days this stock is going to explode. I just hope I am still on board when it happens.

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    • I understand the sentiment here. It bodes the question of whether you're an investor or trader. Do you want to keep your capital tied up in promising, albeit, slow moving stocks or try to cash in on a momentum train somewhere else. If this thing is going to pop big, might be worth the wait.

    • Good man. Charting can help you to see the trend. But it can also cause you to get tired of the position as well.

      Increased stock prices improve everything for a small float stock. A problem with low priced, small float stocks is that normal market participants can buy / sell / short a much larger amount of stock than if it was expensive. So you lose momentum faster ( in either direction) and break chart patterns easier than if this was a $5 stock. The point being that individual position changes matter less as a security moves up and price stability and predictability make for a more accurate chart.

      And with more money on the line, bulk selling occurs more intelligently / professionally. A chart pattern of a $10 stock is much more reliable than a $1.00 stock also because the $10 stock is likely to have more investors, people who care to learn and be in the know, as opposed to traders. Smaller daily volumes will then produce more of a percentage run. And thus you end up with, a more stable and rationally acceptable stock for investment purposes.

      So the only real winners in low priced securities are the clip a buck artists that hit and run and "true" long term investors that ignore day to day moves and are prepared to stay the course. I mean, if you risked the money when the risk was at it's highest point, (low priced bulk) why would you cut your position and take money off the table on the way up when the company is making progress and achieving goals? Better to cut back the risk / position size now to avoid .... (lesson) the worry and just hang on, cause trading will most likely cause you to lose the benefit of size in your position all together eventually. And if you aren't in for size, then why not buy the "safer" $10 stock?

      Sentiment: Buy

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