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  • torvaldo Oct 25, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Blend Wall is obsolete news due to GEVO

    Direct drop in fuel is the key. In addition to 10% ethanol brings blends up to 25%! Product can be in the pipeline and that's just the blend market. Eventually, all ethanol plants will be converting to the second generation using Gevo's bolt-on technology. This is a buying opportunity. Shorts are trying to flush out the weak longs to cover.

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    • You should have listened to the Congressional hearings. Expert testimony by
      industry leaders, scientists, etc. They discussed various technologies, The sun does
      not revolve around GEVO. There are many breakthroughs taking place, Who knew?.
      There are cos. involved that could eat GEVO for breakfast.
      The Renewable Fuel Act is in total disarray. AND it seems the use of corn for making
      ethanol is a love affair gone sour

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      • torvaldo Oct 27, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

        You are right. Expert testimony = all talk and no go. I have seen seminars, trade conventions, journal articles for years = all talk and no go. Well, Gevo is a GO!

        The RFS is here to stay. All they are doing is proposing small changes due to the impact of reduced domestic gasoline demand. But here to, it is a non factor for Gevo. I presume one huge market here is Minnesota and beyond is the replacement of ethanol blends with iso-butanol in marine and small engines.

        And corn for ethanol is not an affair. It is a marriage, and the foundation which will lead to the development of second generation biofuels. Gevo is already years ahead of it's nearest competition.

        Quoting from an article written by SHOLOM SANIK, OCTOBER 23, 2013 Futures Mag, regarding the RFS, ethanol and corn demand:

        " When the original ethanol mandate was formed, the government projected that by 2014, U.S. gasoline demand would reach 154 billion gallons per annum. That forecast for gasoline usage was off by a wide margin, partly because of the recession and partly because of the advent of more fuel-efficient cars. The estimate for 2014 gasoline consumption has fallen to only 133 billion gallons.

        The new legislation would cut the ethanol mandate to 13 billion gallons, down from the current 14.4 billion gallons. The 10% minimum ethanol-blend mandate will not change, just that the industry will not have to scramble to fit the existing required amount of biofuel into a gasoline market that is not growing as quickly as the legislation was designed for. As it is, estimated ethanol production for 2013 is about 13.5 billion gallons, which is right about at the target 10% of gasoline usage. The government is not abandoning the program, only attempting to tailor it to economic realities."

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      • There's always potential breakthru's in most any form of science. problem is, there's not enough money to back all forms at any one given time. In that sense, I do see the sun revolving around Gevo as it has enough going for it from successful testing that it appears to be a rather obvious winner for the future even though the PPS says it's time has not yet arrived.

      • With the love this administration has for alternate energy sources, why would you think they would pull the plug on the renewable fuel act. They already made the ethanol blend in gas a must. Biofuels are just what everyone in Washington is looking for these days.

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      • The eventual market for biofuels is infinite relative to Gevo's capacity, not just revenue-limited to RINs. If Gevo gets its fermenters working and producing, its shareholders will profit handsomely. The market cap

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