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  • df108g df108g Nov 8, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    Gevo is not a slam dunk like I thought it might be

    I didn't quite get the new equipment needed and further testing. I thought we going to get the full plant running. I have to say I am starting to agree with those who say this is an endless game of raising money and dilution and further testing and forward looking statements that are not met and more testing and contamination problems and more dilution and next quarter and next year and so on. The last call was subdued with not much interest and I'm not even sure what the guy said. This whole thing is like a big blurrrr.

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    • At least your coming out of the kool-ade induced stupor . Shorts have zero reason to cover gevo and in fact more of a reason to press the bet.Heres why, They know a very large share offer is coming.Gevo the piggy bank needs to be filled again. Large investors also will not pony up at these prices .Why to much risk but maybe around 1.00 they would be players.Shorts also can get in on the share offer and cover all their bets in one block scoop off market in the offer.Watch and learn folks

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    • salli_from_cali_with_big_booyahs salli_from_cali_with_big_booyahs Nov 8, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

      then, no undue offense, but you don't know squat.

      They DID run 2 lines in the plant & make & ship isoB. On dextrose, aka sugar water. That proofed the fermenters and GIFT. The bug doesn't care so much what carb they have to munch on so its a standard step. Making mash adds one more level of complexity (look it up, its an enzymatic decomposition to ready starch for fermentation. And they stid they are running mash NOW. There are of course variables to that process too. Frankly if you don't know that I wish you wouldn't have an opinion on beer even. I wonder if some people followed a cake recipe once or twice now assume they have the chops to be a brew master or bio engineer.

      I actually think it would be stoopid to fire up the whole plant on corn makins for a shake down cruise.

      The need for funds has been obvious for the past few Qs (read ...) , to make noise that its a new thing or deadly is standard bashterd ploy; sort of like touting software Cos that give massive freebies to a replacement CEOs for pushing his desk across the hall, then shut up or worse switch gears soon as the pop fades hard, then pump some tiny phase 1 pharma with a loser CEO and a couple of 1 year contracts and a 5 year to market biz plan, dropping a Big Name $B that stole the ranch from them as a positive, then brag about the 0.44% you could have made on minuscule volume if you had only listened, but um sort of missed the 20% the same Big Name Honcho was associated with just today (dont mind if I did If you got to wonder about things, start with the scammers here "to help you" when an overdone drop is in the news.

      I'm pretty sure the big spending is over as the retrofit is done. Now they need corn. and yeah, dont forget to be jealous that they pay hans gruber too much. get in line. If the wheels were coming off, why do the 60~ 100K orders keep popping up to tempt ma and pa kettle to cave in ?

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