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  • johnclerk135 johnclerk135 Mar 6, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    GEVO want you not to lose confidence in GIFT system

    This letter of intent just a trick that GEVO want you still trust its gift line. This is a sign that the line is further delayed based on my following GEVO for 2 years

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    • The letter of intent confirms GIFT works. Why it is not a license is because of the law suit. As of today,isobuthanol produce with GEVO technology can be used for anything; but fuel. They are waiting for the appellate review due in a few months. The fact that it is a letter of intent suggest the license may not need to include EXCEPT FOR FUEL if they wait awhile

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      • You said, "As of today,isobuthanol produce with GEVO technology can be used for anything; but fuel."

        "On remand, two issues remain to be determined: 1) whether the patents are valid; and 2) whether Gevo infringes them under the new claim interpretation. The claims of the two Butamax patents at issue are currently under reexamination at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which has declared them unpatentable. Gevo believes that it does not infringe any valid claims, and at this time maintains freedom to produce and sell isobutanol worldwide and into all markets."

        I just thought you might like to see just how unwell read you truly are.

    • Your post makes sense to johnclark. Short gevo some more. Sell the house and short gevo. Go all in.

    • Why wouldn't Gevo announce successful production if they are producing. Solazyme and Amyris did.

    • notlrac Mar 6, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

      Wouldn't it make more sense that it is an indication that they have looked at the Luverne operations, and that they like what they see?

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      • You make far too much sense to be on this board LOL.

        Who is this company to validate the GIFT system? Never heard of them, right? seems that this company just "might" know a little about the industry....
        (I love this license model...!)

        ""Isobutanol's versatility and hydrocarbon-like properties make it an ideal renewable fuel and chemical for Argentina and Gevo's GIFT(R) technology is the most efficient way to produce it," said Fernando Porta, Vice President of Porta. "Porta is already a leading ethanol producer in Argentina and we would like to expand our footprint to other high-value renewable alcohols such as isobutanol.""
        "Porta is a 132 year old family owned company in Argentina that produces liquor, vinegars and has a 120 m3/day corn ethanol plant. In addition, Porta has designed and built two 250 m3/day ethanol plants for others and they are working on 2 more ethanol plants for 2014. Half of all current ethanol plants in Argentina were designed by Porta, and they have a joint venture with Alpha Laval to provide separation and evaporation expertise."

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      • That is the take home message of this release... The technology has been validated by third party...

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