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  • vt01234567 vt01234567 Mar 14, 2012 1:58 AM Flag

    i love CARBs...

    Im heavily buying on all these miserable days. We will be laughing at this price next year. Buy when there's blood in the streets boys/girls...

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    • BOSTON, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE) and Carbonite, Inc. (NASDAQ: CARB - News), a leading provider of online backup solutions for consumers and small and medium sized businesses, announced that Carbonite CEO and Chairman David Friend will present the keynote at the 2012 New England Innovation Awards. This year's awards, which are sponsored in part by Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal, will honor 20 companies for their innovative ideas.

      Yes I am in long term.

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      • Sigh. Carbonite is not really an "innovative" idea.

        Googling reveals that Rob Cosgrove pioneered the online backup marketspace more than 15 years before Carbonite came into existence.

        Arguably, David Friend was "innovative" for accepting massive venture capital and public money to create an online backup company.

        Problem is that CARB has only ever lost $$$ -- $100 million of it to date.

        An "innovative" idea for Carbonite would be to turn around financially and stop burning up investors' money.

        When, oh when, will CARB break even?

        Wheh, oh when, will CARB give investors a return on their money?

    • agree, either they will hold their own or be bught out by some bigger mouth...staying long for the long has to take risks to make money...I think carb will reward in a year or two..good luck all

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      • But is CARB worth the $277 million that it would now take to pay off the venture capital and private investors of this narrowly-held company?

        "As of March 1, 2012, we had approximately 101 holders of record of our common stock. This does not include the number of persons whose stock is held in nominee or “street” name accounts through brokers." (2011 Annual Report)

        If, say, Microsoft bought the customer list and slashed the astronomical $37 million annual sales and marketing budget, there would be significant cash flow from the current subscribers and it might only take half-a-decade to recoup the investment.

        The problem is that online backup has become a commodity, available from an increasing number of vendors at increasingly lower prices (though nobbody knows the financing of these jackrabbit startups). There's no guarantee of keeping the CARB customers from switching to cheaper providers with newer technology.

        One thing is for sure ... CARB cannot continue its tradition of buying subscribers and market share by spending $2 million per month more than it receives.

        Something has to change so that the company begins to at least break even -- solicit more investment, or slash expenses, or acquire a boatload of new subscribers.

        It's time for CARB to begin to "monetize" its market share ... before its piggy bank is empty.

    • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • 10.68 UP .44 UP 4.3 Per cent.
      How does that look to you?More bad news????????????????????
      May be a Buy out by Google,Dell,or Microsoft??????
      Yes I am in long term.
      Strong Buy.

    • Q: How can CARB stock LEGITIMATELY increase in value UNLESS the company begins to pay dividends or retain earnings?

      Online backup is now a COMMODITY service ... Carbonite missed its window-of-opportunity.

      Wanna roll-your-own service? Buy this book for $30 and spend less than $100,000 for tried-and-true software ... and you are competing with Carbonite while they are losing $100,000 every day, Mon-Fri, all year long.

      Q: How does Carbonite now stay ahead of its jackrabbit competition (not to mention Mozy!)?

      Q: What must Carbonite do to make money instead of losing money?

    • Yes the year 2008 I sat with people like you @ they said the world in USA is coming to an end.
      The market was 6500 now 13000.
      Ford was 1 dollar a share I did not buy.Now 12 dollars.
      I put my money where my mouth is an bought 1000 shares of CARB.@ 9.43.Now 10.24.
      One year ago I bought 10000 shares
      of THLD Now 7.38.
      Both insider BUYS.
      Yes CARB is picking up new customer
      so there will be no profit today.
      Sales come first then profits.
      Yes I go by the INSIDERS.
      Strong BUY.

    • I do not trade stocks, period.

      I'm a computer operating system guy, not a financial guy.

      I'm writing about Carbonite for the same reason that John Walsh publicizes America's Most Wanted -- I can't stand to see people abused.

      I was there when Computer Associates' Charles Wang and Russ Artzt began their crime spree -- dealt with them personally -- saw technology that I helped to create be stolen by them.

      If the truth about rogue companies like CA and CARB became widely known early on, it would greatly benefit the public.

      I'm not saying that CARB is dishonest. Just that it's a kamikaze financial disaster that, along with Mozy, has damaged an entire software marketplace by burning up $tens/$hundreds millions of other-people's-money in the pursuit of dot-com dreams.

      Carbonite's published financials make it a classic dot-com ... and investing in it is wishful thinking, if not gambling.

    • your clueless with this company/product/future. keep shorting, you will be burned...

    • How many shares are you shorting???
      How much money did you make last yesr????????????????????????????????
      Is this the best stock you can find to SHORT?????????????????
      Yes Strong BUY.

    • CARB has been losing $2 million each month for the past two years and has vaporized $100 million over the past seven years.

      What pot-of-gold is there at the end-of-the-rainbow in David Friend's shared-delusion dream world?


      Do they slash advertising? Do they slash staff? Do they increase subscriptions so hugely that there are economies of scale?

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