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  • wtffinance wtffinance Mar 21, 2011 12:50 PM Flag

    Could AAPL potentially buy cloud comp. company?

    Could AAPL potential buy a cloud computing company such as FFIV? They certainly do not need to make a acquisition for any other company that is a hard ware competitor so to speak and they sit on a pile of cash. What other business would make sense for AAPL to acquire, they obviously must have plans (or a good accountant...) if they just sit on 50B in cash equivalents without paying it out in dividends. What do you guys think? This way AAPL would be perfectly set up to compete with PC companies such as HPQ that already entered the cloud computing game.

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    • Not in the short term definitely.

      But someday? Maybe. Maybe not F5 though.

      The reason is if Apple wants to grow and dominate even more? They have to at least examine enterprise, and therefore infrastructure. Why not sell ipads and everything else you need to to hook them up to the cloud? Apple IS a (still) hardware company after all.

      Oracle bought Sun as part of a very large vision. Intel bought McAffee as part of a very ______ vision.

      It's not a bad question to ask if an AAPL (or GOOG!) will eat up cloud companies IMO.

    • should be euthanized!

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      • Be nice. You and other floor traders are probably the one's who spread that BS about FFIV losing Verizon. Isn't it funny that it never happened?

      • instead of ad hominem attack, how about you use your grey matter and explain to us why not. Dell and HP are both planning their future on cloud computing to integrate that with their existing business model. AAPL certainly doesn't need to buy NOK or RIMM, so what other means does AAPL have to grow in the future and they obviously have plans to grow as they hoard the cash instead of paying a dividend. Ok, I should be euthanized now it's your turn, tell us a bit more...waiting...waiting...

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