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  • cavanyc Oct 23, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    cybercash is THE WORLDS GREATEST TRADER!!!

    This person been stalking me for months and I have yet to ever read a post from this dude when he/she didn't buy at the bottom and sell at the top with a huge number of shares. This person claims to have been trading since back in 1990's but also claims to be 30 years old ex Goldman exec. Hey if anyone had 10 grand and started trading in 1990's and every stock they bought the at the bottom and sold at the top they'd be a billionaire and giving lectures to Carl Icahn and Warren Buffet. haha Seriously has anyone ever read a post where this cybercash character has not made ten and or hundreds of thousands buying real low and selling real high on every trade? And always with the hottest stocks of the day? This person claims to be up 2.5 million for 2013 but from what I read this cybercash should be up 25 million on the year with his/her skills that could only come from reading tomorrows stock prices today. Is this person as big a joke to you guys as he/she is to me? Oh yeah cybercash says has 7 million in the market seems like a ridiculously low amount for all those perfect trades since 1990's. I have not traded nearly as well as cybercash and have 7 times that amount. Shall we say cybercash is talking complete cybertrash?

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