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  • a_casablanca a_casablanca Aug 23, 1999 11:42 AM Flag

    watch out..

    ffiv still very cheap.
    market cap/rev 00 only 18.6
    ffiv could easyly double.
    look at this overpriced inkt rbak

    get in now

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    • with FFIV right now...pre-trade?


    • I am watching this bad boy closely
      it has more to fall maybe all the way to 60
      it would be great if these two worked opposite each other

    • My thoughts on the 20700 shares traded this
      there is no way the MM's will let us gap up two
      days in a row
      usually a big buy is followed by a
      few sells
      as it is we will have to fill in the
      gap left yesterday morning
      maybe not till 6
      months from now or after the split but it will get
      filled in
      I see the next resting point for this
      stock at 75, it will have to take a small breather
      then, a good time to sell and buy back about 7 to 10
      points cheaper
      we will open down a point today I
      think, then its up all day
      go ffiv

    • who provided insite. Much clearer now!!

      Thoughts on the 20,700 shares already traded this morning?

      Up and UP!

    • know the time of announcement tomorrow?



    • Like i said many times before,-FFIV is a great
      daytrade on ANY day,-even on down days, -because it always
      pops up a few times when it's trying to be sold off.
      But on the OTHER days, like today and most days, you
      can trade it for profit 3-7 a day, or more. This FFIV
      is making me twice my salary i made b/4 i
      retired-(at 44) to do daytrading. And i made a good yearly
      $$$$--( for you smart remark people-like the dike
      witch-sesyng666 )-Not being arrogant, but i'm just too estatic
      this last 8 weeks trading FFIV daily. -This is a super
      quality company, with a great game plan, and being in
      what all the experts & C.E.O.'s of company's call the
      hottest sector in the market-( computor/
      periphial/service/hardware/next generation equipment/ department. ) This includes
      many co's, -BRCD--up 90 in last 1 1/2 weeks-RBAK-still
      keeps going up-ffiv--etc-( to a smaller
      extent-efnt-pdyn---ntct- ect.) All the company's in the computor
      add-on-department, the internal components to upgrade speed &
      reliability in computor dept.,--computor/internet upgrade
      pipeline & service dept.,--fiber optic---wireless
      components to access computors dept,.---FFiv with deal with
      FRONTIER CORP., will guarantee the future to be as bright
      as any company out there. FRONTIER gives them so
      much more exposier, that they would never have had. As
      of early last week FFIV had 4 new companys being set
      up with FFIV products,(FRONTIER CUSTOMERS ) and have
      appoinments with 7 overseas company's that FRONTIER has
      contracts with,-the future is all uphill. And FFIV is
      spending the $$$ to expand and hire top line workers to
      develope new products, that will deversify the the company
      into new markets they never had before----this with
      the help of FRONTIER, ( and when FRONTIER MERGES with
      Global crossing, -the pipeline will just keep expanding
      into new and bigger frontier's. The future is endless
      right now. ( shorties, just keep doing your job,---when
      you lower price of ffiv,-even for short moments,-it
      just brings in new investers and new exposier for
      FFIV. -----And our FFIV long holdings, just keep adding
      up !!-( and those of you who got stuck into ffiv at
      the run-up into $$65-85range,----(those of you who
      didn't panic sell)---will shortly be rewarded and have
      the opportunity to get out or stay in and make $$$$ .

    • acquit
      any comment on the amount of upticks
      at the end of the day today
      I sold at 61, too
      many upticks, I am sure they will get squeezed in the
      morning, but I didnt like it
      wasnt like yesterday

      If I miss the run tomorrow, GNET is coming back our
      I hope I can buy under 61 tomorrow though,
      this is a cool stock

    • and weird timing. I just went long and big this
      morning with RBAK @ $106 3/4 per share...mostly to
      compliment my FFIV involvement. Wow...what coincidence and
      wonderful if this were true. Where did you hear this rumor?
      RBAK board?


    • dont know if it is true or not, but RBAK is looking to partner with FFIV....

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