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  • copperhorse64 copperhorse64 Mar 17, 2000 10:32 AM Flag

    JDSU anyone

    have that stock...any comments on entry point? thanks

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    • I agree with almost everything you say. I can see
      these tech stocks going higher for at least another
      year, 18 months maybe. The market as a whole should see
      rises for many years to come as more and more people
      get involved in the market either through their IRAs,
      401ks, or as individual investors. This will keep the
      supply demand factor in tact and keep PEs at current
      But what will change this in my opinion is when these
      "new economy" stocks become no longer "new economy".
      They will eventually be taken for granted. When all
      this new technology becomes commonplace, these
      innovations will no longer dazzle people and the PEs will
      come back down.
      I have been guilty of buying stcoks
      in the past in order to apply the "bigger sucker
      than me" theory when I hope to sell.
      I honestly
      don't know much about JDSU and what they do;
      fiberoptics I believe, but more than that, I'm lost.
      just think that a company with a market cap of 100
      billion has alot more downside in the short term than
      upside. They need to earn 1 billion a year to have a PE
      of 100 and their revenue, not earnings is 25% of
      In the short term and in the long term, it is the
      money managers and financial institutions that place
      the PEs on companies. Small investors can run these
      numbers up or down a few percentage points on short runs,
      but when the people with 100,000 to 1,000,000 shares
      decide they have made all the money they think they can
      in the stock, it will fall precipitously no matter
      how many small investors choose to go against them.

      I remeber reading an article written just a few
      years ago. In 1995 I think, give or take 2 years. I
      read it within a the past month. It told of a company
      that had just reached the market cap of 100 billion.
      Everyone was astounded. The company was a relatively new
      one. It had been in existence for just about 15 years.
      They had huge revenues, great profits and a fabulous
      prospect for the future.
      OIt had just become the
      biggest company by market cap in the world. It was
      I really don't think the economy has changed that
      greatly in 6 years. I could be wrong. It has been known
      to happen on rare occasion, but holding companies
      with market caps of 100 billion with a PE of 4 or 5
      thousand is risky business. Feel free to give me a
      rebuttle, I can be persuaded by intelligent discussion.

    • <EOM>

    • Enjoyed your feedback. What are your thoughts on FFIV? Obviously you are holding FFIV otherwise smart person like you won't be wasting precious time.

    • I'll buy on dips. This stock should be a long
      term play IMO. Any price is a good price if you hold
      this stock for long term. In ahort term, it has
      already corrected little bit, I think next week it should
      go up by at least $10. Again, this is simply my
      guess based upon trading pattern. Be careful with short
      term trade since Green Span show is coming next week.

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