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  • Cooling_Jets_for_Preearnings_run Cooling_Jets_for_Preearnings_run Mar 23, 2000 1:41 PM Flag

    CSCO vs. FFIV

    Pre-earnings run up will begin at $70 this time.
    Amateurs getting in at this time will feel some pain. Last
    thing this country
    needs is some presumptuous smart
    jackasses who claim to know about stock market.

    you at 70.

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    • $70 huh?

      I hope for your sake that you're
      just a short trying to convince us to sell (which, in
      spite of all the ALL CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS
      generally used by shorts,does nothing but announce their
      level of intelligence). Because it's either that or you
      may be the dumbest guy on the planet (okay, second
      dumbest; I don't think anyone could take that honor away
      from our pre-adolescent friend TTFEDX).

      on what do you base this $70 target? Did you
      actually think before you spoke, or would that be too
      traumatic for you? The last two weeks were the hardest time
      the Nasdaq has recently seen. We had the biotech blow
      up, we had the Fed uncertainty, we had a bunch of
      economic data out, etc. Through all of that FFIV held its
      support level. It bounced off 85-88 time and time again
      without fail during the worst sell off we've seen in
      months. Yet for some reason, you're telling us that now,
      with earnings around the corner and no dark clouds
      over the market, FFIV is going to suddenly break the
      support level it has maintained for months.

      understand that FFIV trades in a very predictable pattern
      and does indeed present short opportunities at
      certain levels (very limited opportunities). But the
      reality is, shorting under 95 is foolish. Nothing is on
      your side. You would have to have TTFEDX's uncanny
      ability to short at the exact daily high everyday and
      cover at the exact low. Only TTFEDX has consistently
      shown the ability to do that (funny thing though, he
      always seems to tell us that only after the fact; hmmm.)
      In fact, he is so good he can short at the high and
      cover at the low even if the low occured before the

      If shorting is your style, fine. But you've picked a
      bad level to try it. Not to mention, if you had any
      real gonads or financial power you'd be shorting a
      highflier. But hey, if I had your level of intelligence, I
      wouldn't be too aggressive either.

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