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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Mar 27, 2000 6:35 PM Flag

    Direct competitor going IPO this week!!

    I did read the article. There is absolutely
    nothing in that article to indicate it was a direct quote
    from Hussey. In fact, it appears obvious to me that it
    was the journalist's commentary.

    I do
    understand what you would like to see. I too would like to
    the world to know about FFIV passing CSCO. I just
    disagree with you on whether or not it should be the
    company that brings that news out.

    Your example of
    AOL announcing another one million customers is
    different. That is the kind of news release a company should
    make: objective reports about measurable progress.
    Think of it like you would the presidential election.
    What is more useful, Gore and Bush standing around
    insisting that they are each the best, or Gore and Bush
    talking about where they stand on actual issues (i.e.

    I am not totally defending FFIV's PR moves, they
    have made some blunders. But there is nothing I hate
    more than a company that tosses out completely
    meaningless news releases five times a week just to pump
    their stock price.

    Headline: FFIV BUYS OFFICE

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