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  • abby_j_cohen abby_j_cohen Apr 10, 2000 1:29 PM Flag

    DOWN 7 WHAT HAPPENED?????????????


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    • My suggestion about May option was to use them as
      an insurance policy (opposite play then what you
      already have) incase FFIV tank (like it is doing now)
      while you still waiting to get out of your April
      options. I suggested to trade more often meaning take
      advantage of volatility in which ever direction it happens.
      FOr example, if FFIV goes up, you close your April
      option and go long with June again while you still have
      your insurance in May (short position). If FFIV goes
      down you make money in your May options. Only thing I
      did not like in your situation was possibility of big
      losses if FFIV has to tank another 20 points (it is
      possible) within a week. Any way, I am glad you worked it
      out, Good luck!

      The price and number of
      contracts should be relative to how much insurance you need
      against your holdings.

      I have successfully traded
      above strategy in couple of stocks in last 2 weeks.
      Works out pretty good in this kind of market! Only
      trick to this strategy is you have to manage it on a
      day to day basis in order to make good money
      otherwise you have a wash with opposite trades.

    • Thank you for your timely advice. I've made up my
      mind, if NAZ finishes day above 4000 I do nothing and
      sit as Ulf suggested. If NAZ finishes below 4000 I
      figure they want to retest 1-2 times more at 3650 and I
      don't have the time to recover(options expire 4-20
      Thurs); I will close my puts wait 2-3 days for the NAZ to
      retest and double the puts for July 50/55's if/when
      available which they will be if we retest 3650 or close.
      Thank you all very much.

      EveryPenny- appreciate
      the risk warning : Closed 36 contracts of JDSU as it
      was topping last month, now down to just 4, 130 (15
      points) made cash. Closed 7 contracts of FFIV, down to 3,
      95 (13 points) lost cash. Closed 5 SGNT contracts,
      down to 5, May 30 (4 points) no loss.
      Penny can you
      clarify selling May calls, at what strike price and when
      (when NAZ bottoms or now), not understanding the math
      behind that strategy because prices and timing unclear
      to me.
      Amlre - your right, sleeping at night
      peacefully is important.

      Billwag thank you for taking
      the time to respond, good advice. No nonsense just a
      straight talk plan.

      Ulf - as always thank you, you
      are a gentleman.


    • I don't know if you play it,I love that stock it
      will be one of the biggest in 2000.How do you like
      that page?I wish FFIV would come up with an idea like
      that,for sure the share holders love their

    • <EOM>

    • I called Fidelity a few months ago about their
      refusal to accept limit orders (at the time it was) over
      30% above the current price. They told me that they
      would not accept them online because the market maker
      throws them out. If this was the case, I would think it
      would apply to more than just Fidelity. DTD confirmed
      that this it true at the time I posted the information
      but said his broker will place a high limit order for
      him when he not able to trade due to travel. Fidelity
      said that they could take the order over the phone,
      but you would take your chances that it would be
      thrown out by the MM.

    • Fidelity will not allow to go above 10% price
      range for either buy or sell in order to limit wild
      swings by day traders. This is true when you use their
      Web Online product. If you call them directly then it
      might be possible, I am not sure.

    • I trade my own account at a select money management firm I work at. Not about to disclose here.


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