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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Jun 5, 2000 10:58 PM Flag

    Thumbnail analysis of competition.....

    reveals that FFIV is undervalued to its peers. It
    has better earnings (much better) and almost equal
    revs of ATON but is worth half the as much in market
    cap. RDWR's market share is significantly

    I do see however that FDRY seems to be the big dog
    on this area. Not counting CSCO of course, who has
    become to net infrastructure what MSFT is to software.
    FDRY has 3 times the revs of FFIV or ATON and is 10
    and 5 times larger respectively.

    I am
    interested in anyone's input on why you think FFIV will be a
    clear winner in this particular market area. It would
    appear that they have a solid management team and are
    clearly profitable at an early stage. I had bought some
    RDWR and sold out in the first month after it came
    public. I was envious of FFIV at that point and
    remembered thinking that FFIV was clearly the leader. Then
    came FDRY to my attention and I began to wonder if the
    real leader had even come public at that point. I
    believe this is a great niche in the "web industry" and
    would like to explore with some fellow investors the
    possibilities of FFIV ever being the clear

    Simply put, do we think this will be the CSCO of this
    market or will it be relegated to COMS

    Thanks for the input and thanks for the competition


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    • Don't buy FFIV if you are looking for the next
      CSCO. Buy CSCO. FFIV is a good investment 1-2 years out
      for a simple reason: the low-mid range TM market is
      growing faster than anyone thinks. No one will dominate
      for a couple of years, and in the meantime there will
      be expensive acquisitions as the big boys jockey for
      dominance. Holding FFIV for five years might be riskier
      because by then someone like CSCO may have cornered the
      market. But 1-2 years out there isn't much risk of that
      IMO. Market growing too fast. FFIV will triple or more
      on exploding earnings. This is my "expert" opinion
      so take it for what it is worth.

    • Read posts 33887-33893. Then the rest of this
      message will make some sense. I was hoping F5 would
      become the next Akamai but instead opted to join them.
      If you want to know who will win, try to figure out
      "switches (not technically correct)" in the coming
      fibreoptic sector, right now, too much massive data coming
      down a fat fibreoptic pipe for one simple ASIC chip to
      process. They also have to process in the pipe voice,
      data, etc. You now see fledgling companies like SONUS
      using voice & video data and technology to sell but the
      routing and management of all this is up for grabs.
      Fortunately or unfortunately F5 is in a very small market
      niche ($5 billion market by 2003). But you can still
      make tons of money playing this stock. If you want
      goliath's look at where Akamai is going (I don't any
      Akamai, all tapped out financially for now but that is
      the future beyond just OSI level V). Good luck. Keep
      me posted on any good tips.


    • FFIV is the only company using "software
      approach" to attack load balancing.

      CSCO(through ARROWPOINT), ATON........are using "Hard

      If you read some newly posted links(news), you would
      understand more.

      Kind of comparing IBM with MSFT, you
      can't use revenue, you have to look at PROFIT,
      GROWTH(also watch profit margin)


      Use P/E.

      Otherwise, you would say IBM is way
      undervalued comparing to MSFT........

      Needless for me
      to do it, just go to MSN financial site, type in
      whatever you want to compare, you will see which is

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