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  • gothzillaman gothzillaman Dec 14, 2012 12:52 AM Flag

    This Short is Smoking...

    a small cigar tonight. Closed out a nice short trade, 51.21 sell and closed out today at 48.00.
    Very nice getting smoked like that.

    Fizzler, just who do you think you are? Truman Capote Junior?

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    • what are you George Soros? we always hear about your gains, but never the gigantic losses you took.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Fizzler, I have tried to explain to you in the past why I have not taken a loss in trading CVCO perhaps 100 times over the past 5 years (starting November 2007). You are not interested in intelligent dialogue, just trash talk....which is fine since it does not bother me and there is nothing else happening on this board.

        If it would somehow help your mental state for me to post that I have taken gigantic losses on CVCO, please request that of me and I will post that I have taken a huge #$%$-whupping on CVCO. Please state the time frame and dollar amount of loss that would be most satisfying to you.

        I trade much smaller positions than mhinvestor, with much smaller net profits than he....but I do have a 1000 batting average to date on CVCO (and also batted 1000 on SKY...and stopped trading it before it broke below $20 and plummeted into single digits). Those are the only two stocks I have traded dozens of times each with a profit on each trade.

        I have taken losses on so many other stock positions over those same 5 years that I can not remember or list them all. Some day I likely will take a trading loss on CVCO....and will be certain to let you know.

      • I will admit it - I took a loss when they announced the Fleetwood deal. Still made money for the year and have made a lot over the years I have been trading this thing. That was painful but I learned from it and haven't been as greedy since. Got a little carried away back then and got caught. Still don't have the cajones to go long when it hits the bottom of my range but feel pretty good about shorting when it hits the top as this dog is so overvalued. We get another earnings report this month and I haven't seen anything to support this value so now that we are past the witch I will be loading up if it clears $50 again. I don't see anything on the horizon to give this stock any real juice. No more acquisitions to move on unless they make a run at Skyline and that looks like a loser and they aren't yet bankrupt. Many more possibilities for bad news than good here. Shorting at $50 is a guaranteed winner. Don't know exactly when but this stock will be below $50 sometime during 2013. The only real question is how far?

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