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  • sirola1 sirola1 Oct 8, 2010 1:24 PM Flag

    It's about time

    This thing has been hovering below $1.10 for so long that i never thought we would ever see $1.11 again.

    Hey Guild, did you see the article about china pharm sales 25% growth?

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    • I did see that article - Thank you.

      I believe LTUS will grow at a much more rapidly than that for a number of reasons.

      1) I think that their current offerings will grow at that pace and they have several other drugs in the pipeline that focus on chronic illnesses, diabetes, hypertension and asthma - The last of which R-Bambuterol is expected to reach 50 million a year in sales.

      2) The OTC division is in its infancy an should grow near 100% a year as they add more customers and product offerings.

      3) The inner Mongolian facility will have a capacity of 240 million bottles of IV fluids a year. Even at half capacity that is still $360 million a year in sales.

      4) Once the building is done, LTUS intends to grow through M&A, focusing on new products, new distribution and a marketing arm.

      LTUS's conservative guidance says 25% a year, but by their actions their sights are set much higher.


    • [ did you see the article about china pharm sales 25% growth?]

      The good thing is that LTUS has guidance of 25 to 30% growth for the next 3 years, and, 1 of those years will be significantly higher. But all in all, LTUS is good to go to at least 2020 at a minimum.