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  • stocktrend777 stocktrend777 Jun 21, 2008 9:38 PM Flag

    All SONC investors should ask

    Why on Earth is Management taking on so much debt to buyback shares? And they bought those shares in the low twenties and the stock is in the 15's. That looks really bad and makes me question management's ability.

    To buy back shres with cash flow is one thing, but to take on all that debt and leverage up so highly is questionable at best. Until I get a valid answer to this, I am certainly not buying any more SONC. Even though I am in at a low basis near 16, I am even thinking of selling unless there is a valid reason for them to do this that someone can coherently explain.

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    • a bump for the officers / directors to look in the mirror

    • Actually I have only done that once glenntrader, but do not let facts get in your way.

    • You may very well be right about whats good for directors is not always good for shareholders. I dont know all the details about their stock options, and they definitely appear to be giveaways....but is it possible they were earned 3-5 years ago and required a vesting period before they could be exercised? Regardless, it is pretty telling that these sr mngt & directors appear to be unloading immediately when they can....of course, i'll be the first to admit there's a whole lot of assumptions here.

    • For instance, why continually post with a negative, "strong sell"?
      You also made statements in reference to another poster who obviously did not sell prior to earnings........I could easily go on.
      You need to look at your motivation, yourself, I do not need to analysis and pick over your posts for you.
      Good luck and good night
      PS I will personally wait to hear the CC and the analysts' questions to make a judgement on SONC. Hard to tell if the move to 15 was justified or not.....

    • Please, show me where I bashed. Show me where I am not factual.

      I am disappointed in management and how this formerly good company is being managed, or rather mis-managed.

      If you think my posts here will drive down the price, that is humorous. Puh-lease.

      It may help some consider important facts before buying though. Just exactly the type of analysis I wish I could see more of on these boards myself. If you attack me for that, then all you do is drive away good posters who may actually add more value than those worthless I-bank analysts who are only serving themselves.

    • go ahead and sell........I want your shares and so does everyone else.....

      • 1 Reply to kauaiiman
      • RE: kauai - "I want your shares and so does everyone else"

        Obviously not given the recent price action.

        I guess your smugness and pride just took a big fall. Bet that is gonna hurt.

        Not that I took your advice, just did not want to hold going into earnings and so I took profits, yes profits today, near 17.

        Tonight earnings release and price action makes my question all the more pertinent.

        Kauai, are you really, really still happy with management and this stock? Really?!?!

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