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  • yacsync yacsync Jun 30, 2009 9:12 PM Flag

    new north jersey location

    Anyone around here live in bergen county? They just opened their first location in north jersey and it has been ridiculously packed for weeks. I had to sit in a line of cars for a half hour just to get to the drive through and cops are directing traffic and have to shut it down every night because its so popular. Just thought I would throw that out there if anyone was curious, its what brought my attention to this little company.

    /Beginning my dd

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    • Interesting....Less than one year ago in Piqua Ohio they opened a new closed after 8 months. Even more curious Sonic opened another one 9 miles down the road in Sidney Ohio... shortly after the closing in Piqua and it appears that if it last a year we will be lucky. I feel bad for the guy in Sidney! Any thoughts...

    • THat's OK wait until winter you'll have plenty of time to eat there, since there's no inside tables.

    • Thanks for the good report our 4 Sonics here are really dead, even Steak-n-Shake with their $4. meals are doing much better than Sonic. Drove by one today around noon 2 cars at Sonic, 11 cars at SNS next door.

    • I agree - the location in Bergen County is packed! Every day there are lines of cars down Route 17 and today I saw cops directing traffic. I think they built with a small parking lot but still there is a buzz about this place and I want to get in now to ride the trend upward.

    • You must be referring to the store in Hasbruck Heights which is in Bergrn County

      They just opened another store in Totowa on Route 46 near the Willowbrook Mall. I went with my kids last night to the Totowa store. Cars were lined up along the shoulder of the road trying to get into the Sonic lot. The lines got so long they were creating a safety hazard. The police showed up and chased everyone away, including me. They blocked off the entrance into the Sonic lot and would only let a car into the lot when another car left the lot.

      This Totowa location in New Jersey is located on one of the heaviest travelled roads in the country. It's one of the main routes in/out of New York City.

      I've eaten at Sonic locations in Louisiana. The food is great and I'm glad to see them expanding into New Jersey.

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      • I went to the Sonic in Totowa over the weekend and as was said the place was packed. I'm sure to those who live in parts of the country where you've had Sonics for a while this might seem strange to you. But consider that Sonic has been advertising nationally for years now. So we've been teased for years as Sonic has built up our appetites for their product. Now that we finally have a Sonic in our area everyone wants to try it and see what it's all about. On a personal level, the food was very good and the service very courteous although slow for obvious reasons. But I'll probably go back this week and many times during the summer.

        From a financial standpoint, I think a Northeast expansion into carefully selected markets can give a real boost to the company and help make up for any drops in same store sales.

      • We have sonics all over the south , just
        about any town ,with 3000 plus people you
        will find one , We have 18 in Little Rock
        They will sometimes out number McDonalds
        down here, Saturday night car shows, 50's
        music Places are packed , lots on the sides
        filled to , People out of there cars walking
        around looking at other cars , All the while
        eating and drinking , Great time!

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