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  • binafus Mar 23, 2010 8:42 PM Flag

    One Month Ago

    One month ago this was a 8 dollar stock.

    Now one month later it is up over 20 percent all on bad news, except the company saying things are going to get better.

    Any of people on these forums ever wonder how this happens?

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    • Not at all. The market is based on what a company is "going to do", not the present. The bad news is what currently happening, which has already been digested and priced in.

    • binafus Mar 24, 2010 11:14 AM Flag

      I do not own any stock here now sold it.

      I think the chain has some real problems facing it more than WEATHER which seems to be what the corp is blaming.

      They have sold corportate stores which to me says they were doing bad with them.

      They started a dollar menu which this is the first quarter of selling items you loose money on which seems to have showed up on the bottom line.

      Store growth has slowed which has been blamed on weather but is more likely less franchees are not wanting to build more Sonics becuase profitablilty is down down.

      Some of the food quality is not what it use to be at Sonic's they are going to increase the quality of the Ice Cream which is a good thing.

      At the same time they have the worse fry of any chain becuase they buy the cheapest uncoated fry they can.

      I hope this chain will get its stuff together and do better but hard to see that happening right now.

    • All I know is if I had purchased this stock at $8.00, I would be taking profits right now. I don't see this stock moving up anymore. The stock price ran up ahead of earnings and has been hovering around $11.00 for the last five days. I guess investors were waiting to hear the news before they bought more or sold. Now that the news is out(which isn't great), what is left to do other than take a profit? Besides, that is what management has been doing for the past week.

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