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  • bullvsbear6 bullvsbear6 Jul 11, 2010 9:18 PM Flag

    hey sonc mgrs- tell the truth- no real diff in new footlong

    its the same and its not a foot long -a foot is 12 inches you cant even add, what a shame ,go back to school learn to use a ruler, and your sales pitch is about to cost you guys a class action lawsuit, ever heard of lying to the public fasle advertising lawsuit coming soon near you. i had belief that you had a new project for truth. and turns out as a bold face lie

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    • I need messages like this on down market days. It helps keep my sanity by making me laugh. Thanks for allowing us to witness your creativity. I do think the replies to the message are much better. By the way, do you ever proof read your posts? Use a period every so often.

    • There is something quite humorous about this woman, measuring the wiener, with a ruler. The wiener did not meet up to her expectation. I think she has issues. LOL!!

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      • LOL! Thanks for the laugh crazy lady!

        I can just picture this crazy woman running around Sonic questioning the poor schmuck of a manager why the hot dogs are only ten inches. "See!! See!! I told you!!! 10 inches and you guys call'em footlongs!!! What do you have to say about that Mr Big Time Corporate Manager??" Even though Mr Big Time Coroporate Manager is just a poor shift leader making $9.00/hr or something working his second job at SONC and this crazy woman comes along to $hit on his day a little more.

        Then....she just knew she was onto something and had to tell the world this starting with the Yahoo message boards. Hilarious!!

        Oh...and dogs are nasty!!

    • Holy Christ, looks like we need a meat expert in Mineola Texas. Stop the presses! Call in the lawyers!! PS - did you ever think they never meant a lineal "foot"? Maybe they meant as long as an average human's foot.

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