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  • whitehotflavor whitehotflavor Nov 1, 2010 10:00 AM Flag

    Whipped Cream vs. Whipped Topping

    I have bought Sonic shares hi and low and still feel optimistic except for this one issue. Every road trip with my son is always vastly improved when we leave Subway territory and finally enter Sonic territory. (He's eleven and really enjoys stinking up the vehicle with Subway farts as he mixes like six sauces in one sandwich. ICK)
    We enjoy our meals, the prices, the lack of farts, the convenience and friendliness BUT we are both grossed out by the LUKEWARM FAKE WHIP CREAM. WE WANT COLD REAL WHIP CREAM such as Crowley makes. (ReddiWhip sucks, do not know what it is). It is not expensive and tastes great. Please those of you who do not have to drive over two states to find a Sonic: agitate for a quality real whip cream. Looking forward to next summer when I hopefully will not have to carry my own spray can in the cooler.
    Best to everyone on the board - sorry I only get around to posting like once a year but I do follow the action. THANK YOU to anyone who feels as I do. I loved the new coffee drinks this summer except for that topping.

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    • That was probably coded to tell everyone what certain institutions are thinking of doing, but I couldn't decipher it if I tried for months.

      My own feeling, by the way, is that SONC is NOT the next takeout in the group. One or two others come first.

      But that's good, not bad, for the stock and gives people time to buy more at a fairly leisurely pace.

      I'd like to quadruple! up eventually, but I'm putting my money elsewhere now.

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      • I love codes (watched Rubicon despite the slow pace) but I am mystified: are you refering to a previous post? I am serious about the terrible texture, taste and temperature of whatever it was they put on top those wonderful coffee drinks this summer. Real cream - nobody sez whipped by hand is needed - like I said: Crowley's in a can is great. Reddiwhip tastes gummy or something I cannot quite put my finger on. Those drinks were addictive for me except for that one detail.
        I guess I should check the insiders, instituitions and other rosters Yahoo finance provides in the sidebar of the quote page to try and guess what you are refering to or is it some kind of pun that I am too slow to get????
        Remember to vote everybody tomorrow!

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