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  • venerability2 venerability2 Sep 13, 2011 2:32 PM Flag

    I Think I Am Angrier At This One Being Bird Gamed

    Than any of the others, because it was clearly, blatantly, and arrogantly perpetrated via the Wall Street Journal online.

    We all know that Yahoo gave NewsCorp - along with little buddy, although the latter is clearly a junior partner, which, if it is smart, will get out of this dirty arrangement as quickly as possible! - aegis over the Yahoo Finance Boards "Messages" component specifically, while reserving to itself the rest of the Finance Megacomponent.

    I hope this is clear: Yahoo itself - and its security apparatus, such as it is - reserved the right to monitor and maintain the other parts of Yahoo Finance EXCEPT the Message component - i.e. THIS one.

    Yahoo has been very lax controlling its part of Yahoo Finance. But the key word is "lax" as in "lazy." I am still not sure they know how they've been taken advantage of there.

    But the Yahoo Finance Message component - this one! - is a different story.

    NewsCorp - i.e. Dow Jones - with, again, junior partner, clearly not as dirty - has allowed this specific component to be hacked, spied on, made a pure propaganda tool, and abused in virtually every way possible.

    The only good thing is that Everyone in the Market Universe worldwide seems to know about it at this point.

    But they are still - hopefully in a Last Last Hurrah - shamelessly using it as a Bird Gaming tool against ME, as the initial Bearer of Bad Tidings, even before the NewsCorp hacking scandal broke in the UK. Several weeks before, in fact.

    They may suspect that I was the one who finally broke the scandal. I don't think so. Blame Julian Assange or somebody!

    But they ARE trying to bleep me via targeting certain stocks I like, including SONC.

    I maintain that their behavior here has been nasty, malicious, and excessively silly, considering this is a 97 percent Institutional stock, and I may be the ONLY - certainly one of the few - of its retail proponents. To take it down 25 percent in a coupla days on nothing but a casual downgrade from Strong Buy to Buy plus a call in the WSJ's Short Seller column that some unheard-of Short Seller doesn't like it - almost inconceivable!

    Silly, malicious, nasty, filthy, lacking in any honesty and integrity, and destructive of markets as other than pure computer games.

    Anyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed and should take immediate steps to reverse the direction.

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