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  • larsyorgen larsyorgen May 8, 2012 12:09 PM Flag

    sonic ranked WORST...


    Sonic advertises itself as "America's drive-in"—and maybe it's better that you don't get to see how dirty the inside of the restaurants are. Besides having the worst employee hygiene of all restaurant chains, Sonic also has the second highest number of repeat health violations, according to, which reviewed more than 7,000 records. A dead fly in an ice cube and black mold on onion ring covers were among the disturbing violations discovered at Sonic locations.

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    • Why complain? Fly and mold provide you with protein.

    • another paid basher.
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    • Idiot , you must be Ronald McDonalds spilled seed

    • This is a BS website, mostly consisting of advertising. You should be embarrassed to post such crap.

      Looking on the web, you can find plenty of health ratings for all food establishments. Most of Sonic's are in the south (where most of their outlets are located). Some are excellent with ratings above 90 and one even got 100. Others, especially the older Texas ones, are not very good. One was closed down, others are chronic dirty places with bad machinery too.

      I looked at other chains and found the same results. Each franchiser can be expected to have individual standards, and some people are not clean in their thoughts and habits, and their restaurants seem to follow that behavior.

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