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Sonic Corporation (SONC) Message Board

  • maldade maldade Dec 5, 1997 11:25 AM Flag

    Sonic's future

    Growth hasn't kept up with expectations... but the biggest problem is the consistency of food at the various locations... Unlike McDonalds or other Fastfood franchises, Sonic doesn't seem to force consistency on the individual stores... My guess is it is a good stock to sell short long-term... they may get some growth over the next few years but they will eventually see major losses due to a loss of repeat business

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    • and where do YOU fit in? Soothsayer? I've been with the company over 25 years
      Read the history!!This ain't NO rollercoaster, value keeps going UP!!

    • Wrong info..........Over 25 years on the INSIDE and our store requirements regarding consistency, service, appearance, quality continues to go up. Outside inspectors-with stringent guidelines- in EVERY store twice yearly(unannounced visits) result in continued improvements. IN STORE journals require numerous entries Daily-and in some cases almost hourly- regarding temperatures for both cooking products and storing inventory. (2 failed inspections over 60 days result in store closure) Look at the numbers, stores are going up at the rate of one new one about every other day, that comes with CONSISTENCY. In many instances Sonic specs regarding food EXCEEDS state requirements, particularly in Kentucky where I reside. I am up $17k since the split in May, on a nominal purchase. Hold your comments, watch the stock..

    • In case you don't know Sonic ranks NUMBER 1
      in customer frequency (2-3 times weekly)
      Number 2 in total customer satisfaction behind Wendys, having leapfrogged over your McSlop 5 years ago( I BELIEVE McD is CLOSING a number of stores this year?).In March a very unique breakfast program rolls out in 70% of the stores nationwide, my bet is the stock will jump $10 before May 1st.
      ps, I have been a franchisee for over 20 years
      and will be around for some time to come...

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      • Here I go bopping on down to my local sonic for a footlong and lo and behold THEY CLOSED IT this sonc is in a prime location on the way back from the beach. I came home and found out that something like 70% of the stores are going to be remodeled and get a signage update. Does anyone have a clue as to the cost to the company of the remodels, How long does the remodel close the stores (average). Does the company import their own contractors (speed remodel) or do they hire local workers.Did everyone get their company quarterly letter the cruiser aka. the footlong futures?

      • I noticed your post was in response to a post that was over 4 years old. It was interesting to read what people were saying back then and where the company is today. Thanks for the insight from a franchisee.

    • Some interesting views were exchanged in regard
      to the Sonic $250K contribution to the OKC memorial.
      I am impressed by the heartfelt and kind
      expressions of sincere empathy for the bombing victims. Some
      very nice folks own SONC and I am glad to be part of
      that community.

      I guess I could live better
      with Sonic donating $250K if the directors and
      officers who have made this decision had matched or
      somehow participated in this donation

      Otherwise it seems like they are willing to be
      philanthropic with someone else's money.

      Now, how about
      that split?

    • I am an Okie shareholder and have made a personal donation to the bomb fund. If the officers and directors want to spend their own money like everyone else did, so be it. That being said, I would prefer that the Company stewards spend Company money on bona fide Company business and if it burns a hole in the pocket of the Directors, well, then maybe a shareholder dividend or $250k in share buy-backs would be more appropriate.

      As for PR, why not give out a few dollars worth of world famous tater tots and slushies to the site volunteers? Its about the same difference from a publicity standpoint...

      That feels better! Too bad the big dogs in the big board room don't pay attention much to this public forum.

    • I'm also from Oklahoma. The 250k will be money well spent
      here in OK where Sonic has many restraunts. Also a donation
      that i assume is fully deductible. Besides being the right thing to do in your own back yard, it will also be money well spent publicity wise.

    • I dont know anything about Sonic. But from a technical aspect it looks to me as though this stock changed from weak to strong hands!(see Jan 98). From this formation and improving fundamentals, sonic should see a nice run-up in near future!
      Happy charting, THEVIKE

    • Although you are quite right about the consistency of product, I wouldn't make a short bet on Sonic. If you put one of these
      up in a small town, you create a teen hang-out. I live in Bay City, TX, and the sonic here is not only going strong, it moved
      to a lot nearly twice as big. Every night it is packed with teens. No, the kids don't run around and carry on like in Happy
      Days, but they are spending dad's money. The scene is the same in many small towns across Texas. Sonic may never surpass
      McDonald's or the other biggies, but I think they will do well for many years to come.

      Also, the small ice pellets their ice machines produce have quite a cult following. Whenever I go to a party, the majority of people bring Sonic ice. I like it myself, because it is easier to crush in your blender for making margaritas.

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      • I don't know if this might interest the people here but
        I went to a fairly new Sonic near Raleigh,NC yesterday
        and it was packed with lot of 50's 60's classic cars and people
        circling around looking for a parking space. I had the best
        hamburger I have had in a long time since MCd's and BK sucked
        most of the flavor out. Looks like a definate hangout not
        just for teenages but older people too. It is about 1/3 of the
        size it should be - hopefully they can expand.

        I decided to look to see if it was a public company today and
        am glad to see it is :-)

      • I live in Pasadena, Texas and we have quite a few Sonics in our area. I agree with gerstoy about the ice. It's great. Lately they have been remodeling the restaurants and they look really nice. This is what prompted me to begin following this stock. I haven't bought yet, but I am seriously considering it.

    • I agree. If Sonic could get its act together in terms of consistency, it would soar like its name. The "higher ups" could gain much from reading these message boards.

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