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  • something_stinks_around_here something_stinks_around_here Dec 30, 2000 11:50 PM Flag

    Hey nikit2h, check the 2 & 5 year chart

    ....A lot of people are in at 40-55 dollar range.
    While you see a 52 week high, the rest of the
    shareholders see no hope for a recovery to the levels they
    bought in at.

    Before you blow all of the money
    daddy gave you, you better look closer at what and who
    you are investing in. If you're looking for 2 & 3
    dollar pops and then retracements this might be OK. But,
    forget about long term appreciation, theres no sales
    growth here.

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    • You will see sale growth as energy price will
      continue to increase and consumers will go after more
      efficient heating and cooling appliances.

      you blow all of the money daddy gave you ""

      Thanks for advice I understand that you speak from the
      first hand experience. Let me guess:
      AMZN YHOO ? A?

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      • something_stinks_around_here something_stinks_around_here Dec 31, 2000 4:40 PM Flag

        First off, if you bought 1 share each of CSCO
        INTC MSFT AMZN & YHOO five years ago your investment
        would have grown 500%. I'll take that

        Second, I won't dispute that people will look at more
        energy efficient appliances when fuel prices are high.
        But, no one will throw out a good running unit for a
        more efficient one. The cost/savings tradeoff doesn't
        make sense. People don't stay in the same house very
        long and the savings of $100 - 200 per year isn't
        worth the thousands to install a new unit.
        This is
        just wishful thinking on a PR release.

        you must be a short term speculator. The stocks you
        mentioned have performed well, except for this year. You
        buy quality companies, with quality leadership and a
        competitive advantage and they won't let you down. Do you
        even know if York has any of these? Or, are they
        losing ground to their competition?