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  • stanmitchell40 stanmitchell40 Jul 18, 2012 7:31 AM Flag

    July presentation out!

    Not very impressed with the presentation. It looks like the market wasn't either. Down to .49 cents in Oz last night.
    They are now showing 15 million in debt.
    Production is painfully slow, they are still only using production numbers from May.
    They need to start drilling wells at a much faster pace. This thing is like watching the grass grow.
    It deserves to be a .50 cent stock. Its priced fairly for what they are producing.
    On the plus side they are adding more acres and values should increase but this is months away.
    Its a good little oiler with the key word "little" Just not much happening with this to move the stock price up. It will take many months more for anything much good to happen here.

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    • Can't say I disagree with you Stan. This is a long term hold. I bought more at .55 and will add more at .50 or less but I'm not expecting much to happen with it in the short term. The Mississippian acres will take a year or two to develop. I wish they would step up production also but they are doing what they said they would do so we don't have any surprises. Large number of outstanding shares and low volume also hurt these small oilers. If you're willing to buy this and forget about it for a year or so I think it will be fine but I don't even look at it on a day to day basis anymore.

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      • who knows Stan but please tell me what oil stock you like or hold so that I can research their successes . company is up 81% ytd in production and will blow past 2000 -3000 Boepd by years end which could be even higher . but they do show $15 mill in debt but also $15.3 mill cash on hand . if you think this is years away from a 2x or 3x then thats your opinion . let me ask which .50 oiler is producing 1500 going towards 3000 ? DEJ,AZZEF,ETKEF,??? even others such SSN and LEI at $1.20-$2 range are not producing as much as SDCJF .... eitherway good luck to you

    • Agree! I got lots of time too wait like i did with SSN.