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  • barberre92 barberre92 Feb 8, 2013 7:29 PM Flag

    since we might hit all time high next week , just curious who was around at the old high ??

    2010 ....WIN,TRO, SOCK,JAKE,DVAN, RUTH,DFWTRACKER,NAGA,RSPEN,MIC if I missed you add your name ...

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    • I'm sorry....I couldn't control myself....again! Nothing against the Hi's mind you. Have to be politically direct you know.


    • Me! My first purchase was @ .17.. I bought and sold quite a few times, but I still had some of those .17 shares when I sold all out in the .80's (after pull back from 1.10+). Bought back in from .50's to .38, and still hold now.

      This has been a very good stock to me. I originally heard about sdcjf from the old SSN board (that board has changed!!) and I don't remember who exactly recommended it.. but I'm sure it was either you Bar, or win, tro, sock, ruth, dfw, naga, and / or rspen.

      My most recent purchase after listening to some or all of you has been IONAF. Just got my feet wet over there at .58, plan to buy more.

      Thanks to all of you for years of good tips.. well, except PETEF. But that's my fault.. I shouldn't have got so deep in it.

    • Thanks to NAGA I got in in the .20s. Got out in the .90s but back again now that she busting out.

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    • I bought in at 0.92 and then it dove and i have since dollar cost averaged @ 0.63 will continue holding till appropriate time to sell

    • Manciata here. I've been in and here since May 2010, and so I've been at the high (2011) and at the subsequent fall (under .5 in 2012). I added on the way up, and still hold most shares. It was tough for me to hold on though, down and through those lows of last year.

    • I sold at 1.10 a long time ago and have never rebought any.I sold just a day or two off the high. will be rebuying a position next week. I really like the prospects for a very nice return this year!

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    • I bought a bunch at the high and a boat load at the low---so I am very green now.

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    • I have been here some 3 years Watched it go up and then back down, bought more from time to time and plan on buying 6 long necks around Christmas when it reaches $2.50 per share! I am basing all this on the 11 wells planned for Eagleford in 2013. I first bought (Kog) when it was .34 and look at it now. I got in on (BEXP) when it was $2.00 and it was a big winner as well. I owe my
      success in part to you guys doing a lot of D&D and making mention of some of the small oilers that you felt we under valued. I tip my hat to each and everyone who post these tidbits of information that has in the past stired my intrest to check out thes small companies. What it boils down too is I am not sure how I first noticed (SDCJF) and what stired my intrest but it for damp sure you guys had a large part on my looking at the oilers in depth.
      Thanks so very much
      Donkis the Pigskin Tout

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      • I just remembered I bought (GSFVF) when it was almost $10.00 and sold around $8.50 I jumped back in (SDCJF) at $2.14 so I may never learn my lesson I went down the tube with (EOGSF) and (ETKEF) Sold both of them to take my loss but own a bunch of (ETKEF) again. I believe there is not a chance your money will grow in your hand so do something with it Cant think of but one thing that will grow in your hand !"snicker snicker"

    • meh76, though I've always mostly lurked rather than posted

      made my first buys in Oct & Nov 2010 after finding out about Sundance because my family had a small royalty interest (divided among many, many people) in one of the Goliath wells and then reading naga's write-ups on the company

      didn't sell at the last high but have bought quite a bit more in the years since and will be taking some profit this time (but keeping the majority)

      at the moment it's the best stock I've owned in terms of total gain, though not in terms of percentage gain--hoping it will become my best in that area later this year

      in any case it's been a fun ride and I'm very grateful to naga for sharing his research and insight and to all the good posters on the message board here

    • CB....cincobob....been buying since Naga dropped a hint about his letter and BEXP a few years ago. Sundance was in there along with others. I have learned alot about the small oilers, the new technology, and much more, thanks to you guys.....much appreciated. I think '13 will be a "turn the corner" year thanks to good management and implementation of a solid new strategy.....I have confidence we all will fare well.......patience is the key as we go from here..........something ol' Josh didn't have

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