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  • jk4763 jk4763 Dec 17, 2010 4:59 PM Flag

    philthyest gave back over a grand today..

    that should shut his trap for a bit.. greedy short fool..

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    • This guy philthyes is a unemployed douche living in his mom's basement.

      He has 148 dollars in a non margin account.

      He has never shorted a share in his life.

    • well said...

    • Assuming Phil is not totally full of s--t, a big assumption, he shows his stupidity by not recognizing that someone last Fri. just before 10 a.m. bought a million $$$$ of SODA within a few minutes almost instantly driving up the price by 5 percent. That wasn't someone eating Cheetos in the basement of his mom's house, which is where Phil will soon be given his inability to know when to hold em and know when to fold the measly 1k shares he's short.

      It's easy to get locked into the negative frame of mind on a stock, as well as be too positive. That's where Phil is, too dumb and too much of an a--h--- to recognize when he is way outgunned, and thus he's doomed to be squealing on the way to slaughter, if not on SODA, on something else.

    • Hey,

      Congrats on your short and the success of it, but I would advise that you take some profits. I am biased as I own some shares long but I really think you should step back and access your situation instead of getting swept up in this war of words and holding with a "I'll show you mentality". My 2 cents, I would take back my initial investment and hold short with the houses money if you feel that strongly about SODA hitting the teens ( I do not agree with this sentiment but all the power to you).

    • Phil, maybe you are short maybe not, I have no idea nor do I care. You just make yourself look like an idiot when you come on here boasting about all those profits. You also lost all credibility claiming that your uncle got you shares to short when no one else could get them. A professional doesn't come on to a message board boasting about how much money he is making. We come here to discuss the virtues (or lack there of) of the stock. If you have reasons why this should go down please enlighten us. From all the discussion here from intelligent informed individuals I see this stock as having far more chance of upside as downside. I can tell you I make my living trading stocks and I can tell you that you are playing with fire remaining short this stock. It can and will gap 5 or 6 dollars and any positive news. Right now upside is far greater than downside.

      Good luck with your short!

    • Why can't i make money being on the opposite side of the herd mentality which i've done. Don't get angry at me cause i'm smarter than you who is underwater being this over 40 like most of you angry idiot longs. I happen to go the opposite way stupid people go thats all. Enjoy your weekend and like i've said before i'm short 1000 short shares from 42.50 right before earnings came out last month and am up over 11 grand. I posted this before earnings and have taken your money since. Keep on buying on the dips as this hasn't hit the low it will hit soon. Expect to see more analysts who downgrade this in the upcoming month when they don't beat earnings projections.You will lose more as it goes into my short account which will put a big smile on my face.LOL

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      Dec 13, 2010 Oppenheimer Initiated Outperform
      Dec 13, 2010 Stifel Nicolaus Initiated Hold
      Dec 13, 2010 William Blair Initiated Outperform
      Dec 13, 2010 Deutsche Bank
      philthyest (idiot)

    • agreed...

    • Been on my ignore for weeks! He will lose all his gains then he will say he covered at 29.50 and went long at 29.60 when the stock hits 40.00. typical move by posters like him. Probably never had short shares to begin with as they are impossible to get.

    • one more thing BAFOON.. i notice noone on this board evens waste there time replying to you.. no more replies back to you untill you LOSE all your paper gains. L.O.L

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