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  • nattydred1944 nattydred1944 Aug 19, 2011 7:15 PM Flag

    Anyone ever use 1 of these gizmos?

    Anyone ever use this contraption? And what did u think of it. Seems like a hastle, but the kids might have fun making a soda. I'm open minded about it. Wouldn't mind trading SODA long if the mkt wasn't so soft.

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    • I got one in mid May as part of my due diligence on SODA. Think about it. I spent about $150 for equipment and syrups. That was less than I used to spend on brokerage fees for one transaction before I switched to Scottrade.
      I have used it consistently and enjoyed it. I have picked up syrups and canisters at BB&B, but I recently figured out how to order the canisters delivered by UPS. No problem.
      The product makes sense, is good, environmentally a plus and it's gimmickry makes it fun to use.
      Like all products of this kind, there will be some who will not continue to use, but I believe most who try will continue and it will establish itself. That market penetrating 5% or 10% in the USA would be taking it to 15-30 times its current use. That would be huge.
      The product is not going away. Also, anticipate improvements in design and distribution over the next couple of years as usually happens with this type of product.

    • Bought one of these at BB&B 3 weeks ago. Easy to put together, great taste and wide variation in an included sample pack. I am a big Diet Coke drinker and the past few weeks I have bottle three other flavors and I now like the variety.
      Thinking about it now, I realize that somewhere in the past few days I had decided that I would never buy any other bottled soda.
      For the stock to grow, it would help if they come up with another product stream.


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      • I have one for a month. Great product. Easy to use. Not having to lug those bottles & cans back & forth is a lifesaver. Didn't buy it to save money. I mean, do you buy a Keurig to save money? I don't think so. See how much they charge for K-cups???!!! It takes all of 2 minutes to make fresh soda. Coffee takes longer and is more messy. I love my SODA!!!

    • I receive one for my B-day about 4 months past. My friend thought I was crazy spending so much money on Monsters energy drink (about $100 a month), so he got me a Sodastream with 10 energy syrup bottles.

      It has been about 4 months, and I can't imagine living without this machine and the energy syrup. The taste is great. It also doesn't have the other additives, like Monsters, that give me the jitters.

      In the last 4 months, I have gone thru 8 syrup and 4 co2 exchanges. I have gone from spending $100 a month on energy drinks to spending about $30.

      I am fortunate to have a Costco in the same complex as Bed Bath and Beyond. I go to Costco twice a month and only have to stop in Bed Bath on one of those trips. Also, I don't have to load and unload 3 cases of monters from my car. On a side note, until my first co2 exchange, I have never been in a Bed Bath. I have always thought it was an old lady store. In one of those trips to BBB, I spent $200 on a humidifier. A sale BBB would have never had if not for Sodastream.

      This is just one man's story, but I don't feel I am alone. Stop talking about the savings on sodas. Talk about the massive savings on energy drink. I can attest to it on a daily basis.

    • I've had one for 8 months. It's great.

    • my friend has one. they drink a lot of club soda and bought it for environmental reasons. last night they made sparkling wine by putting in regular pino grigio and out popped buubly wine. they loved it. but i got crushed with this stock so i am done with it. but they love it!

    • jonotastic Aug 20, 2011 5:15 AM Flag

      I bought one today and love it! Very fast, simple and easy to use.

    • everyday...bring my jug to work
      its easy my 9 year old makes mine
      tastes good

    • Just bought one about 2 hrs ago - made my first coke and it was simple and taste like the regular coke. Not trying to pump it just wanted to do my own research. They said that sell a lot of them a have very little returned. I will be keeping mine uless somthing really goes wrong however, there is not much to go wrong with the thing...

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