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  • goldenseth Jan 28, 2012 8:29 AM Flag

    Explaining last two days

    For those who wonder why Soda underperformed the market on Thursday and for the first half of Friday, you need only to look at the headlines to realize that investors felt that they were on shaky ground. A research firm announced that Wal-Mart would be carrying the Esio in the 2nd half of 2012. The single-cup brewer of fanciful drinks would be distributed through Wal-Mart and may have been thought of as either competing or replacing Soda Stream's entry into the world's leading reatailer all together. This is simply not the case as negotiations carry forward between Wal-Mart and Soda Stream.

    Soda is currently in step 3 of a 3 step process moving toward entering the big-box chain. The last phase of this process includes both pricing strategy and fullfillment obligation requirments. Those who felt that Esio would be replacing Soda Stream are gravely mistaken. In fact, the Esio product will be 1 of 5 in a new line of small appliances that Wal-Mart is planning to offer its customers within the do-it-yourself segment of household goods.

    Most retailers usually make plan-o-gram adjustments to allow for new, fresh, spring products in the first couple of months of the year that will make way for these products come April and May. Soda has been spending a great deal of time and money on making sure they are part of these select few products. So for those of you who mistook the latest news concerning Esio as bad news for Soda, its not too late to buy those shares back. As you can see, many already have. For those of you who took the opportunity to buy on the exagerated pull-back, nice job! Carry on SODA investors, make em proud!!

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    • Well good. That makes you right:).

    • Yes, it has been a while. It bothered me when you first mentioned it and have thought of the misconception many people have of our tactics. Basically I agree with everything you said. The reason torture is not encouraged is primarily because a subject will tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear in order to have you stop the mistreatment. That intel. is useless. I also know that what happens to an individual in the heat of battle varies from one experience to another and can drastically change over time.

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    • Well, you are military and you call it torture. I respect your right to believe that, but considering what the enemies of America do to us, I call water boarding "friendly persuasion." Yes, I know the line that we need to be "better" than them, but I don't buy it because the Jihadists are animals-not human.Further, if we got a guy who knows how 100,000 people are going to be blown up, I really don't give a ch@t about "Rules." It's insane. Cops play by rules-criminals don't. All our enemies never play by rules-in fact they cut off heads!! So, with all respect, if we got that guy who knows how 100,000 folks are gunna be destroyed, I don't give a rat's @z z WHAT we do to him.Respectfully yours.I don't buy the ACLU "better than them" line. I think it's BS in the real world. You're entitled to your opinion-and it's just fascinating that you would dredge up a subject that has to be months old-SIR!!!!

    • Say, Atty. In a past message, you mentioned something about water boarding, a form of torture. Because of recent disclosures of prisoner mistreatment , I would like to clarify something. During my years in Special Ops. I was a demolition expert (instructor), engineer, and then transfered to operations and intelligence, where I eventually also became an instructor. I attended intell. schools in Baltimore and Arizona among others. We worked with the CIA in Viet Nam and during the Cuban period, while training Cubans, had a spook attached to my A team. During my intelligence training and when teaching as well as during operations, torture was never advised nor permitted. I just wanted to clear that up. All the best...DW

    • That's as left-handed as Ted Williams!!!!:)GL to you, Sir.

    • When you become intolerable I may ignore you, as I have done in the past. I believe you have a lot to contribute to this board and are no dummy. We just have different opinions on some methods of delivery, which is fine with me, within reason.

    • Donald- I knew it was you and figured it was a family member's account.Of course, I THINK I'm so BRILLIANT according to my "fan" club:).Look for a market upturn this week as Internals take over again.A Macro bump with an idiotic Greece deal will help(never mind Greece is hopeless).SODA is also about ready to fly unless the shorts are SO blinded that they don't FEAR earnings.GL.

    • Wow that was soon easy and predictable!

    • Seth does a terrific job recapping the last few days. I got a laugh over the poster who said can you tell us the next two days? No, I don't think he can predict the future however I think it is fair to say this is going North.

      It will be great to get the results of this quarter under our belt and we (Longs) will all be excited to see how high is high. My money is an opening of 47 following earnings.

      With many distribution points gained in the U.S. Soda may begin focusing in on a pull strategy much like the big brand beverage companies do.


      Bubbling with excitement for Earnings!

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