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  • tejdem1 tejdem1 Jul 22, 2012 12:09 PM Flag


    Yes, I make the phone calls. You can search my messages going back to Nov or so for Costco. Take a look at the numbers and think about the order that Walmart will be getting for xmas Sodastream machines. I think they will order 125 machines per location based on past Costco xmas.

    Also yesterday I had validation in the midwest ditrict that they are selling between 150-200 machines a week. A couple of weeks ago on a call they mentioned a 187 machines sold in the week for the district. They have 8 regions so take 187 and x by 8. This is 1500 machines a week if this is an average number for a district. 6000 machines a month... Not too shabby.

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    • Your best days are behind you....get back under the bridge

    • If SODA sells 2 million of these pieces of plastic between now and Christmas, that would be astounding, but still not enough to keep the ball rolling. The good days for SODA may be behind it.

    • You're responding to a loon. Don't waste your time or encourage him.

    • 187 unit weekly sales x 8 regions = 1,496 units sold per week. Are you talking about Costco here? Your message is titled Costco, so I guess so, but I was confused by your Walmart reference. Costco has 438 warehouses in the US and we are in 2,900 Walmart stores.

      If Costco, non-holiday, summer weekly sales per store is 3.4. At $90 per unit retail price (probably around half of which goes to Costco?), that weekly sales number is not exciting. However, it is the non-holiday, slow summer season.

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      • Gotta disagree. 3.4 sold per week would be incredible for this time of year. As Seth has pointed out several times there are more than 50,000 stores selling sodastream. If they all sold 3/week then we would be talking about 2 million units sold. The US alone has about 13,000 stores and 3/wk each just in the US would be 507,000. Clearly Costco, walmart, and target (about 5,000 total stores between the 3 chains) will have much better sales than the other stores but just to illustrate that >3units/week is a lot and we could see almost 1 mill makers sold worldwide this q

        -also this is europes peak season. The US peak is q4 by far

      • Yes it's Costco but I think they are in only 70% of the USA stores. So you need to recalculate your number. I checked NJ and MA where again on average 68% of the stores. Not sure what the nationwide number is. Maybe Seth? So with this number in mind I'm thinking they are selling on average about 5 units a week per location.

        Folks need to go back and check all my messages from Nov Dec and Jan. If Walmart orders for all 4000 locations at 125 units per location we are looking at 520,000 units share order. I think my numbers are conservative based on the Costco numbers I posted back during xmas. They had stores selling up to 80 units in one week and 300 units from Nov through mid Jan.

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