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  • stkmkter stkmkter Dec 20, 2012 8:20 PM Flag

    Maybe someone can enlighten me...

    I keep hearing in some of the comments here, and, I guess in some of the articles written about the CO2 cartridges not selling so well ---depending on just when and how long ago they purchased a SodaStream - people may not need to replace the COs yet! Don't these make the equivalent of @ 60 one liter bottles? AND, while I'm at it - one of the dumbest points I have read (I believe it was in the article "SodaStream is no Coca Cola" - eluding to the fad issue) that people won't want to go on buying/replacing the COs cartridges -- well maybe some won't -- however, that is like saying people won't continue to use their gas grills because they don't want to continue to buy/replace the propane tanks!!!

    I don't own a SodaStream yet, as I am one of those people who don't drink alot of soda -- I still have a half of liter of Coke left over from a party 5 years ago I use as a door stop!!! I will buy one when they bring out the SodaCaps -- the thing I do love in the summer is ice cream floats, and I like a variety, root beer, birch beer, coke, cream soda, etc. and the carbonated lemonade sounds yummylicious!!! And as for their ads (which are quite good) about the cost/environment etc., I will buy one simply because I HATE HATE HATE lugging home those blasted heavy/big liter bottles!

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