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  • drsoda120 drsoda120 Jan 9, 2013 7:01 PM Flag

    Will Drop BUT WHEN????????

    Unfortunately most on this board feel the stock will just head higher near term and who knows for sure, nobody, least of all that DUMBARSE that says he's using TA when everyone knows there's no real long term TA on SODA that can be seen.

    I feel the stock will break below $45 again before earnings for many different reasons. No offense to longs nor do I want this for those who didn't sell at higher levels, but I believe it will happen. Even if it doesn't happen before earnings it will happen after. Expectations are toooooooooooooo high and new folks don't know much about soda stream other than they grew over 50% this year. Trust me it aint gonna grow net profits that much next year, its not possible unfortunately.

    I would say 25-35% net profit grow is more realistic but not what is going to be expected and boom goes the dynamite igniting the SELLING. It will be a great opportunity to buy shares on the CHEAP but still, that's what I think is coming. The company already said this much about growth a little while back if you paid attention but most PUMPERS and FANATICS didn't and probably wont. If you hold you better prepare to hold for another 3-6 months to get back what is lost. RETAIL INVESTORS are the last to know by CHOICE usually!!!!!!!!

    TED BECKET said $64 after earnings release day. I say $40-$43. Maybe we both will be wrong but expectations are way toooooooooooooooooo high and company guides low like its going out of style so they always beat estimates. GOOD LUCK TO THE DECENT FOLKS ON THIS BOARD!!!!!!!!!

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    • Does anyone know where the new plant is being built and when it will be fully operational, and does anyone know when the single serve soda maker will start selling in the US?

    • goldenseth Jan 10, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

      Respectfully DrJ, it does take initial pipeline fills to get those new consumers. Maybe it is a matter of semantics, but long term doesn't matter as the company will continue to grow bottom line for years to come, barring any economic disasters of course.

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      • Of course pipeline fill counts toward sales and is a massive positive as convenience drives adoption and retention. So, they stocked around 3000 Walmarts. 10 machines per store. 30,000 machines give or take. That is what they did in one day on HSN. Of course there were syrups and CO2 as well. But, Sodastream is selling 10,000 machines a day all around the world. To claim that their growth is dependent on the initial stocking of a new pipeline doesnt add up.... They are selling much more in established markets....

    • Your a #$%$ how did it get to $80 a year and a half ago..........

    • Dr.......why is it impossible to grow at 50% next year? This is still a very small company with a worldwide footprint. Also, the margins are going to be improving over time because of product mix. I believe most people are under estimating the company and management. I am actually looking for more than $600 million in revenue this year and $3.70-$3.90 in earnings. I believe along with the other Dr that sales are accelerating.

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      • Coldinny, I'm agreeing with you on the ACCELERATING growth, but even there is no realistic way you get to $600 million. Maybe $525 million but anything more and you I have to say you don't FULLY understand revenue alignment formulation, fancy hedge fund phrase for expansionary revenues. Those huge PIPELINES like Wally World and such can't be matched year over year, even with normal sales from the higher user base, that how BIG a PIPELINE is on first order. So yeah, their sales are accelerating, but not beyond PIPELINE!!!!!! $510 is my number for revenue and that includes revenue alignment formulation.

        Earnings of more than $3 is doubly difficutlt because the TAX BENEFITS they saw this year won't be seen next year, ask SETH he knows this!!!! They got something like 5-8 cents a share every quarter in tax benefits and that WONT be there next year!!!!!!! Probably 1-2 cents a quarter only. If you guys dig in with DD you will see what is coming, but $3.70-$3.90 now way on GOD's GREEN EARTH. Highest possible I think is $3.20 and that assumes somewhere in 2013 there is the equal PIPELINE of a Wally World.

    • I would say expectations would maybe too high if we were already at 64. We're not and therefore my opinion differs from you Dr. Shorts are trapped I'm afraid. Imho

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      • No way the market gives it a multiple greater than what is currently before 4th quarter next YEAR dude, but maybe sometime then. Average analyst estimate for FY2013 is $2.77, so COME ON!!!! Even if they do exceed which probably will, lets say to $3 a share EPS, that might get you to $64, but not anytime until near end of the year when they have tailwind and not HEADWINDS!!!!!!! Analysts are expecting more than just one COMPETITOR next year you guys. YOU SAW what happend on CUISINART announcement??????? Think, don't go on EMOTION of the latest TREND, that's for AMATEURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jan 17....get ready.....15th Annual ICR XChange Conference Thursday, January 17, 2013

        9:40am EST The Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach

        Feb 3 Super bowl and the commercial.....

        TO THE MOON JACK !

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