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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Feb 2, 2013 7:36 AM Flag

    Still # 7 In IBD 50

    Article fails to mention were with cents of the buy point and the DOT BS sell off. Perhaps a tad too negative until last sentence. Also, top stocks commonly correct a bit(high beta is volatile). As they point out, Soda is still in upper 60% of week's trading range, and more importantly, within the three week tight trading range-allowing it to still break out quite easily IMO. They ask about institutional support. Whom do they think saved it as the new shorts piled on the DOT BS along with some weak hand selling?:

    "Don’t be thinking that all the best stocks are beyond reach, even after the broad market’s extended uptrend. While breakouts are few, some top-rated stocks are creating new opportunities with add-on buy points. These aren’t bases, but they are entries.
    One such stock is PolyOnePOL , which makes specialized polymers for the plastics industry. The stock has built a three-weeks-tight add-on pattern.
    The moderately wide swing this week makes for a 23.70 buy point — 5% above Friday’s close, a bit more than you normally see in this sort of pattern.

    PolyOne has transformed itself in recent years from a supplier of low-margin products into an industry leader known for R&D and innovation.
    A three-weeks-tight also appears in Pier 1 ImportsPIR . Shares of the home furnishings and accessories retailer are just 3% past their 21.34 trigger from a second-stage consolidation.
    Pier 1 Imports’ EPS gains have been choppy the past four quarters. A flat result in the February 2012-ending quarter — the company’s fiscal Q4 — was followed by gains of 33%, 36% and 19%. Consensus predicts a 25% rise in the current period.
    Pier 1 posted full-year losses for the four years through 2009, with that last year showing the biggest pain. Much of that red ink is linked to the country’s housing crisis, when millions were forced to abandon their overleveraged homes.
    But the company earned 51 cents per share in fiscal 2010, followed by gains of 67% and 9%. Look for a 28% EPS gain this year and 17% next year, the consensus says.
    Two IBD 50 stocks showed especially disheartening action during the week.
    Israel-based make-your-own-soda-at-home company Soda-StreamSODA fell 7% for the week. Volume soared to its highest since August.
    More troubling than the size of the loss is the downside reversal after clearing a three-weeks-tight. What happened to all that institutional support?
    On the plus side, SodaStream ended in the upper 60% of the week’s range and within that three-weeks-tight zone.
    Anti-snoring-mask maker Res-MedRMD fell 8% for the week — also with fast trade — to retest its 10-week line.
    More importantly, the stock gave back almost the exact gains it logged in the prior week."

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    • Atty. Ever think of a second career as a stock analyst? You'd do well.

    • Today's action was very positive. Had a chance to break much lower in the morning bit held. Closed at high of day on very strong volume. Thursday was also very positive. It triggered a lot of sell stops on the way down but there was a lot of buying that saw it close well off the lows. DDD has been all over the map too but, until recently, has churned steadily higher. I suppose SODA will see the same type of volatility. As IBD said about DDD "The market is like a bucking bronco, always trying to throw investors off the leaders".

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      • The Trade on SODA was selling last week on Monday, that selloff was a pretty predictable move. Now that the selloff has happened the trend is up again IMO. There will be volitilaty but nothing predictible except a return to an upward bias. I am back to add on weakness mode and I believe strongly that this is where one should be right now. There won't be another major sell off until after earnings IMO.

        Stock is still cheap by Wall street standards...........


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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