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  • eastbayflowers eastbayflowers Feb 7, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    Homemade Soda?

    That's a oxymoron if ever i saw one. Seriously anyone who thinks that consumers will still be making soda a couple of months after they buy this novelty product are insane. Of course there are a bunch of loonies out there that will and they account for .00000001% of the population.

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    • Amazing how much hot air you can get from an idiot. Where is your research? Where are your numbers to prove your point? You base this on pure hot air which swells all the way to the Middle East.

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    • Twice daily 2 kids make it on their own now...they are 9 and 11....there is no doubt the future is HOME CARBONATION BABY!!

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    • Yes, you're in that group of loonies.Keep posting.Just out of curiosity Sherlock, have you ACTUALLY looked at how many Sodastream's are in use? And folks buying the syrups and CO2 cannisters.No, you haven't.

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      • Further, maybe he would do better taking some time out from his statistical counting and devote a little time to the dictionary and words ---- i.e. how is "homemade soda" an oxymoron - how is that a contradiction in terms? He might want to switch his negative rants/term to, say, an anomaly!!

      • No he hasn't. But then I don't guess he has the time since he is busy on being the expert counter on what the whole population uses on all things!! Except if you view his other posts he doesn't do much research there either since he only has one number/statisic .000001% - give or take a few zeros!! Of which he could add himself to being a total 0 - no decimals needed. Isn't really worth wasting any time responding to -- but then maybe he just likes to hear himself talk or post!!

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