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  • drjohnlong drjohnlong Feb 8, 2013 7:03 AM Flag

    To all those crying fad:

    The debate is old. Just go back on the Yahoo board and read all the messages over the past 2 years. You aren't saying anything that hasn't been said before. Meanwhile, Soda beats the numbers every quarter and keeps adding loyal users.

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    • Reason # 3 why its not a recycling needed...not wasted need to take the recycling bin out every way its a fad....

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      • 1 Reply to lou4012001
      • Good grief you're actually one of the loonies falling for the "green" factor. It's just a marketing ploy by the company. You actually think they built this novelty product to be environmentally friendly? Next you're going to tell me the product gets shipped to the stores in NG trucks.

        The ironic thing is this company is the perfect example of Capitalist America and the ones that are buying their product are the "green" ethical consumers. What a howl.

        It's a fad and the .000001% who will still use it after 1 year will be the the "green" people.

    • "Meanwhile, Soda beats the numbers every quarter and keeps adding loyal users."

      If i had 100's of millions to spend on marketing a product like Sodastream i would expect the numbers to beat every quarter until saturation point. This is very close. Sodastream is a novelty product and has been this for the last 4 decades. As another poster pointed out the Sodastream is EVERYWHERE yet sales are abysmal. When you think of how much they spent to acquire these sales it is obvious that the interest is lacklustre. It's a fad and has always been a fad. The fact that a tiny number of people still use it doesn't change that.

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