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  • jumbo2004 jumbo2004 Mar 24, 2013 12:11 PM Flag


    In the company's updated presentation- available on the website and iphone app, and updated this AM, they mention expansion into Brazil, Mexico, India, and China. While expanding into the world's most populous country is by no means a shock, is this the first time that they have explicitly mentioned the plan to expand there in the near term?

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    • have you ever tasted the soda? it has like splenda in it and tastes like donkey kong. everyone on this board seems to evade the fact that soda's generic syrups are junk, and the name brands are very expensive.

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      • Have had a sodastream since last May- have over 30 flavors and use it every day. Some of the flavors are better than others (as is the case with any soda company- the mango energy drink which I can't find in any store is amazing and i have bought about 12 of them online from sodastream). Have not bought soda or red bull from the store since I bought my sodastream (previously was spending over $10/week on red bull alone). Now when I have to drink name brand sodas (at a restaurant or a friend's house that doesn't have sodastream), I find them to be disgusting overall and much prefer the taste of sodastream sodas- they just taste much fresher and I love that I can tailor the carbonation and flavor levels to my preference and mood.

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    • This is from January 19th:

      "SodaStream International Ltd (SODA) makes a simple product, affordable countertop home-based soda machines that use tap water. Considering that the soda industry is expected to hit $315 billion in sales annually by 2015, there's a lot of money to be made in soda. Based out of Airport City, Israel, Soda Stream manufactures and markets its home beverage carbonation systems that sell from $80 to $200 depending on the unit, and it instantly turns tap water into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling waters at far less cost than store-bought sodas. And it appears as though the company has a global hit; it is selling more than 10,000 soda machines daily, can be found in over 60,000 stores in 45 counties and plans in 2013 to expand into China and India, two of the most populated countries on the planet with a combined population of over 2.5 billion. The company also plans this year to enter the Mexican and Greek markets. At this point SodaStream offers over 150 different flavor options including the usual colas, lemon-lime, and root beer flavors that the user pours in the one-liter bottle after the gas is injected and gives it a light shake to distribute the syrup. It also now has what the company is calling "soda caps," which are single use pre-measured caps that the user places on the mouth of the carbonated water bottle then presses down delivering the pre-measured syrup into the bubbling water. In 2012 the company extended its syrup line when it signed licensing agreements with Kraft Foods (KRFT) for its Crystal Light, Country Time Lemonade, and Kool-Aid brand, and the Campbell Soup Company (CPB) for its V8 Splash and V8 V-Fusion drinks."

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      • at 15 times forward earnings soda is fully valued. that is what i say, that is what institutions are saying, that is what the market is saying. that nut case kramer pumped this stock up on his show to over 70 a share, then it cratered causing people massive loses. now you come on this board and try to pump the stock. institutions, the main driver behind all stocks, dont come on message boards. only retail longs and options players. both of which have no power to move a stock. i suggest you go down into the hood, grab yourself a bag of weed and some slimy hoe and enjoy your sunday afternoon watching woods win another one.

      • Thanks Atty...I figured that it'd be weird if the presentation was the first place they mentioned China.

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