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  • bimbo01 Apr 6, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Longs beware...

    Saw something today I haven't seen to date. Four flavors of the LARGE syrups at WMT have been marked down. This is not just a temporary discount as they have the "red(discontinued)" stickers on them. Probably nothing to get too worried about, but something for channel checkers to keep an eye on.

    Otherwise, the sales @ WMT are still steady to brisk. But, like I have said before, these things aren't "junping off the shelves".

    And, the stock IS selling for about a 20 P/E. Just a thought to ponder.



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    • goldenseth Apr 6, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

      So, I'm SodaStream, and about to launch Oceanspray Cranberry alongside 2 additional Cran-flavors, do I really need SodaStream brand Cranrasberry? No I really don't so might as well begin to clearance it out. Also, I just launched diet cola with lime and have Country Time Pink Lemonade coming out next month alongside 4 new V8 flavors, my retailers need to make a little more space so maybe we clearance a few underperforming flavors? Problem is, nothing is really underperforming, but rather SODA is repackaging the flavors so might as well clearance out some of the old packaging. Thanks for the post so I had the opportunity to shed a little light on the topic. Stock is selling at a 17.5 forward PE and if my guess is right and if the stock is at this level come Q4, the stock will be trading at a 14-15 PE at that time.

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      • bimbo01 Apr 7, 2013 10:01 AM Flag


        Tend to agree with you. I have always thought they have a few too many flavors to deal with(make,maintain,stock,ect). And the LARGE syrups have never been a big seller. But, was just trying to inform the board of what I see in my channel checks. Nothing sinister here.

        Yes, I guess the"forward" p/e is under 20. But, that is IF they make all their numbers going forward.
        The rurrent p/e is currently OVER 20.



        ps I guess if I see the new machines being discounted(they aren't selling very well) I will just keep it to myself?

      • Your answer makes perfect sense.

        However just a couple weeks ago I posted the following comment:
        “The challenge for SODA in my opinion as they introduce the V8, Ocean Spray, and eBoost flavors and the Soda Caps line is to do so without cannibalizing their existing shelf space. They need to work hard to gain additional facings and not simply delete a current flavor and replace it with a new one.”

        And your response to my post was:
        “But they have no issues getting shelf space, none whatsoever, the retailers are offering SODA land grabs, seriously.”

        It seems like you’re now saying exactly what I said was a risk for SODA and you said was not a not going to happen…that their new products don’t gain incremental space and that they simply replace existing products.

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