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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jun 15, 2013 2:09 AM Flag

    Why INTC Is Such A Better

    Buy or hold than SNAAPL . Sorry, Cold, but assuming the correction continues(about 75% likely I'd say-you, Mr. Moneybags:) will get crushed holding this POS . It ain't Soda pal:). Might take years to transition from a growth to mature stock like MSFT did, and now they even have growth. But, AAPL, cocky, complacent, non-acquisitive fools that they were and are (unlike Goog:)thought Jobs could just keep inventing the next best thing-only he's dead!! And, buried with Steve is their innovation -and, at best, IMO, they will make lots of money like MSFT and IBM did for years (well, until I first bought MSFT a couple years ago when they morphed from mature back to some growth and plenty of still making money).Caught the very first run into 30s, dumped the overweights & it's happening again(my biggest equity position)-soon to be skimmed depending on the chart.
    Don't believe me?:)

    "Remember that profit margin varies by industry. Tech companies like IntelINTC and AppleAAPL are known for fat margins. In its latest reported quarter, Apple’s after-tax margin was 21.9%. Pretty good on the surface but big profit margin isn’t an automatic buy signal, especially in a case like Apple where margins have been compressing vs. year-ago levels in recent quarters."

    All of this is especially true in a correction which is about 75% or so likely to continue-a guess:). If so, they will crush AAPL. Just trying to help-even you:)

    GOOG on the other hand is holding its LT trend and MAs and when or if:) the correction ends, she's a no-brainer double down. Talk of the $1,000 curse is downright ignorant as GOOG never an into the law of large #s, stayed ahead if its competition and acquired-stupid, overpriced carp like YouTube, DoubleClick and Motorola which is a throwaway just to destroy SNAAPL:) Have a nice one. Se you innOctober-you get your buck-by a whisper prolly-lucky @@@@:).

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "Most of these people are guided by charts or other largely mechanical means of determining the right moments to buy and sell. The one principle that applies to nearly all these so-called “technical approaches” is that one should buy because a stock or the market has gone up and one should sell because it has declined. This is the exact opposite of sound business sense everywhere else, and it is most unlikely that it can lead to lasting success on Wall Street. In our own stock-market experience and observation, extending over 50 years, we have not known a single person who has consistently or lastingly made money by thus “following the market.”" - Benjamin Graham

      The future of technology is mobile, thus the future is moving into AAPL and out of INTC. Everyone likes to compare MSFT's dead money but forgets that people overpaid for it deeply at 50+ PE ratio, while comparing it to AAPL's PE ratio of 7 (after cash). If AAPL does drop more, I'll keep adding more money in, best investment ever.

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      • blueleon Jun 15, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

        You can add more all you want but one thing will remain an obstacle for AAPL, it don't matter what kind of dividend you throw at investors, you better have a product that grows earnings each and every year and takes market share to boot. Everything else is just casting shadows. I hope AAPL does better, but technology cycles are inherently riddled with boom and bust cycles. RIMM went through it, MSFT went through it INTC went through it, PALM went through it, HPQ went through it and so on, what make the AAPL of today any different. Here's the facts, If you bought low you can hold on for a very long time, but if you bought high, even if you double down you would have been smarter to invest that money elsewhere. We can all name probably 100 stocks that have done better than APPL in the last 90 days and that is the most glaring fact. If you doubled down at these levels your money has sat and done little to nothing on a percentage return basis.

      • Everyone, especially you:), is entitled to their opinion AND to be wrong.GL.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Bingo Vegan. The patient investor is the one who can recognize the mistakes of the market and capitalize on them. Apple is moving more and more to mobile services. They are the one company that can tie it all together. For example, Google has spent $300 million on a payments platform that has gone nowhere. When Apple releases their Liquidmetal, fingerprint secured devices that seamlessly integrate payments with the 600 million iTunes accounts and wireless technology they will have the beginnings of destroying and recreating a entire new industry.... Apple is going to do it again.

        I sold half of my Apple stake for the tax benefit. I pray I can buy back in before the Fall for less or not too much more. Apple will have an entirely new product lineup in the Fall, including the iWatch. They are going to be a much more web/cloud oriented business. They are going to make $ like never before.....irrespective of the stock markets shenanigans.

        Apple 5% of personal computers sold.......40% of the profits. Apple makes great products and people pay for design.

        Of course I feel the same about Soda. People pay a premium for design, fresh, custom soda. "Think different".

    • Atty, wow. You got me to a T. I'm of the vindictive sort. Heaven forbid that after multiple posts by a certain acerbic individual critiquing my buy and hold investment strategy that I tweak a bit in return!!!!!!! You are so easily upset. My goodness.

      I'm not a trader. I bought and held eBay, MCD, V, BAC, IMAX, SODA for nice returns. I bought FB at 22 and sold most of it at 31. I rotated out of FB into yahoo a few days ago. I also took a tax loss on Apple this past week and sold half my position. After 30 days I will buy Apple back. I didn't manage Apple very well. I admit I was wrong. I was also wrong on FB (but at least I managed the trade to my advantage).

      But my biggest mistakes were selling PCLN at $9, QCOM at $47 in 1998..... QCOM went up over $1000. Etc...

      What if you are wrong about Soda's price movement? I'm not talking about the recent run-up, I'm talking about going forward. It doesn't matter to me whether you have 0 shares or a million. You are concerned about macros. You are absolutely correct. Raising interest rates will crush the market. I've listened to your observations, trimmed my holdings.......even Soda and moved to 20% cash. I picked up SH and it's 10% of my portfolio. However, the point I want to make is that Soda is a catalyst driven stock. The press release that will change Soda's business trajectory and PPS is inevitable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The timing of the inevitable press release is independent of market conditions.

      You say that it will be years before Soda is a $150 stock. I disagree and say that it is too risky to be out of the stock because it is the inevitable announcement that will propel Soda by multiples. So, forgive me for having a difference of opinion. I would say that the market is now more in tune with Soda's potential to form alliances with the "majors". The downside risk is minimized by Soda's inherent growth rate. The upside potential is vastly larger than the downside risk. I have no fear as a Soda long....... Peace.

    • blueleon Jun 18, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

      Let's keep this in perspective folks! INTC up nicely today again as well.

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