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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jun 16, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Back To Reality

    Sick of morons:). Tomorrow could be a green day because of Friday. If not, look out below:).My advice? and it's free:). Sell the rips and add shorts on market dips(if you do short-be careful-takes balls and skill-not individual stocks-25% chance of being wrong-short pretty much any index and if you're right, unlike picking a stock-"boy, I can make sooo much on this one though"-idiot thinking IMO,-OK, alright:)-"imprudent":).Until further notice. I usually don't make make long range directional calls(because it really isn't possible),but certain indicia indicating(could EASILY be wrong) that this one could hurt a bit. Why you ask? Well, some do:). Because history shows that every correction of the S&P which exceeds 5%(we have or are about to -I didn't check and I don't care so don't bother me:)-has a high probability of going deeper. Little Factoid from the "efffin clown"-sure have fun here:).Wanna trade? Not me-made my 20% on UVXY and ain't walking that daytrader deal again-got nice calm short index plays-SH and PSQ which one can HOLD in a correction-no doubles or triples like Stockscapital WRONGLY suggested because he wants to make $$$ quickly-an almost sure way to LOSE $$$$!!!. But, were I a daytrader(first, I'd stick a screwdriver in my eye:) with the Fed this week, buy UVXY on any dip and sell any rip. Rebuy the dip and sell the rips. In the words of a long lost Sociopath(although, I gotta admit-hes down to 4th on my list:). "Wash, rinse, repeat:)-nice imrovement fella moving DOWN my laddrer-actually, YOU didn't contribute-THEY did:)and you aint on Ignore-yet anyway.Should be easy money for the
    impaired- the day/dumbtraders!!!!:) Hope Phil wears a shirt today to hide those embarrassing physical "deformities":). Loose fitting Phil!!! Tiger is probably been having orgies at Merion:) Look Tiger, if you wanna catch Jack(and it's looking grim, think with your head, not your @@@@-I ain't buying this Vonn deal, and
    even if its true, I doubt she's alone:)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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