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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jun 16, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

    Relentless:). Oh, The Delicious Irony

    You know how FDR's Keynesian policies totally cured the Depression?:) Government programs like WPA, etc. we're a whopping success!!' If you live in La La land. America was in depression/recession until the Japanese
    bombed Pearl(how strangely ironic:).Heck, conspiracy theorists opine that FDR knew he was being double-crossed, but knew only a War would jump start our then moribund economy. I'm not buying THAT, but the State Dept. (much like the honest one now:)did know for a LONG time what Gemany was doing in Poland. Charles Limburgh and his kind, though, won the battle and isolationalism won until the bombs rained on our CIVILIANS at Pearl. BTW, for those that worship that #$%$ CLOWN Limburgh, he made trips to Germany as he was a great admirer and FrIEND of You Know Who:). So, anyhoo, I just read this:

    "In the wake of wild swings in the Japanese market, investors remain unsure whether so-called Abenomics will be successful and where the market is headed. But some international fund managers see a chance to pick up some interesting stocks on the correction."

    Abenomics? How about Stupidnomics?They make Ben look like a miser!!! Chance to pick up some "interesting" stocks on the "correction"?. A correction, by nature, different from a Bear Market, implies a return to an uptrending market, and possibly, a recovering economy. In Japan? Really? Too funny. Japan will be lucky not to be annexed by China!!!:) Happy Father's Day!!!:)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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