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  • aqualung53 aqualung53 Jun 18, 2013 8:17 AM Flag

    Getting close to putting atty on my ignore list////he should join forces with Gio

    Atty what happen? You hit your law book in your head?

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    • Go ahead Mr. "I Love Obama" Kool Aid . GIO lies. GIO supports shorting Soda. Have I EVER suggested that? Have I EVeR wavered from saying Soda will SOMEDAY be a triple digit stock? Lots of dreamers here only want to hear what they want. Like you and "greedy bankers" idiocy. Jimmy Carter's Affordable Housing Plan, ramped up by Clinton(for whom. I voted twice) started the financial collapse. Oh, sure WS had its share of greed, and havent been properly prosecuted IMO because the SeC is worthles-like most(not all!!) Gov. agencies. Like the IRS which will administer AFA which will implode-watch-ince th Middle Class wakes up to the fact that the wealthy have gotten wealthier under Obama and they not only havent, but their taxes are going to skyrocket, especially from an affordability standpoint, the rioting starts.Barney Frank and Maxine Waters did more to jump start 2008 than any single "greedy" WS banker packaging worthless securities. YOU'RE on Ignore Comrade.I only warn of realities-not made up lies to support a trade. I'm net long and have no position in Soda other than eagerly(and patiently)waiting the right time to be in it again, I forgot more about stocks than you and your spending buddies will ever know. Bernanke is a hero? Absolutely hysterical. Let's see. If you and the Red Brigade are whistling that tune after the inevitable, yet unknown, NEXT collapse occurs. Will that be Bush's fault or the fault of a tsunami? Support your POTUS-the world's biggest liar. Makes GIO(whom I have on Ignore) seem honest. I have always tried to bring perspective here, but, by far, there are far too many lost in Oz-like you. Thumbs down-I'll know I hit a nerve.To Ignore.

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