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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jun 23, 2013 3:24 AM Flag

    Hadda Pee Of Course)

    Here's a thought:). Why not Ignore all the Real Trolls, short bashers(hiding GIO?-Lol), newbie exuberants, and most important the haters and the "look at me folks" types. Trust me-I WAS a lawyer Aqua. I was a lawyer, but I'm retired bud-I was never part of the Big Swinging D@k club when I was practicing because my work and my WORD spoke for themselves(want references from Judges, let alone lawyers?:)so, despite our differences which, trust me.),wont change, let's (Entourage:)just "hug it out" -I don't hate you-and you got no reason to hate me-I'm just a guy in cyber space who sincerely doesn't respect the guy for whom you voted or his policies and it's all about my vision of America, not for me, but my kids. You can disagree, but I think the evidence is pouring in despite attempts to filter it-so, how about PEACE-you leave me alone and I'll respond in kind, OK? Same with you Doc-it's NEVER gunna work for us as "buds"-my hating obsesssed stalker, on the other hand, can eat ch@t:). The real longs here have no reason to bum the Board, OK fellas? I'll be the girl:)-sorry Julie-sexist pig that I am-NOT:)- and I suggest a truce-not the stalker though. The fact that only a few like Donald tell IT to #$%$ is sad IMO. Board is far better in "get along" mode!! OK, there it is-ball's in your court. GL no matter what you decide.I AM trying for the greater good.

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