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  • aqualung53 aqualung53 Jun 25, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    Thanks for the feedback///final thoughts

    I brought an interesting topic of discussion. Of course, I agree with our system of justice. And everyone needs to have their day in court. And, yes, there are good attorneys out there which are honest in their dealings, although I did not have an opportunity to meet these people as my exposure to this profession really turned me off as to the integrity of many lawyers in the insurance profession. I find it interesting that one argument is that it is the insurance companies and not the attorneys that cause the dishonesty. really? Are you kidding? Wow. Than we could say the same as to all the Nazis that claimed they where just following orders!!!! Are there attorneys out there that defend people they KNOW are guilty of the crime???? Yes, of course. These are the people I despised and have no respect for. Are there attorneys that knowingly hide evidence to prosecute someone that is innocent? Yes, you see that many times of prosecutors that have hide evidence just to get a conviction. Are there attorneys that deny legitimate claims simply because they are doing the insurance bidding? yes, of course. Are they less culpable because they are doing what the insurance company wants? No. This again turns my stomach. So you have to ask yourself. Why is it that the legal profession and attorneys in particular are despised by the public??? Is it out of a vacuum? Is it just because it is funny to joke about attorneys?? That you hear b the public that most lawyers are crooks? Well, the case points to many cases where the legal profession makes itself no favors. And lastly, I have a right to attack the legal profession not only because I was exposed to it in my many years of my insurance career. But because, besides having a Master's degree in Economics , I also have a degree in Labor Law As it is, my career path got me involved with risk management and employee safety.

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    • Where to begin? Let's start with you bringing up "an interesting topic of discussion." What you did was libel Atty; you didn't raise a discussion topic.

      Next, you still say that you never met an honest attorney. What about the attorney for the policy-holder with lung cancer, wasn't he/she on the side of the angels? By holding the insured's and the insurance company's attorneys in the same low regard, it's clear that your problem is not the integrity of the attorneys but your disagreeable personality. If, on the other hand, you worked exclusively with insurance company's attorneys, you are no better than they are. How could a man of your integrity work for the same "evil" company that these goose-stepping lawyers worked for? Weren't you following orders from the same management? Wouldn't your integrity compel you to leave the "evil" company? By freely choosing to follow the insurnace company orders, giving support to its "evil" purposes, weren't you trading your morality for money Aqualung? You can't have it both ways; if the attorneys lacked integrity for working for the insurance company, so did you.

      Comparing American lawyers who are representing American clients in the American legal system to the proponents of a sociopatholigal ideology that was bent on world domination and the systematic extermination of essentially everyone not German and protestant shows a shockingly weak intellect, a compromised values system, and a broken sense of proportion. If you knew better, you would regret this statement. Sadly, you obviously don't.

      BTW, your career in insurance does not bestow any "right to attack" lawyers, in general, or Atty, in particular. The First Amendment protects your God-given right to express your opinion, no matter how fatuous and idiotic it may be.

      I can't do this any more. There is nothing to be gained from an intellectual duel with someone whose shooting blanks. He's not even shooting the blanks; he's tossing them at me by hand.

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    • I despise insurance companys and the minions they and fraudulant MD's. I cant swing with you on this one. If insurance was straight up they would be out of business.

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