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  • rlolsen_1999 rlolsen_1999 Jul 2, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    Am I missing something or is this Egypt item being overplayed

    I thought the current president of Egypt was questionable anyway and this might be an out to get a better ruling group. No matter what the army will insure it will not get out of hand. Oil supply will not get impacted, the army will not let that happen. I thought Egypt has a stronghold not like Libya. Just in case picked some shares of uvxy under 66 today. Loading up more Soda as the price gets to the low end of the range. Anybody else picking up more Soda or am I being too optimistic. Should benefit from this overdone market . Good luck and go Soda

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    • You are wrong. He was "democratically" elected. So was Chavez. So was Hitler. But, when fascists get elected, there are no more "free elections". Check your history. And yes, the military WILL remove him, there will be another vote and God only knows who these lunatics pick next time. They threw out a brutal dictator and chose Morsi who is fervently anti-American and anti-Israel with the help of Facebook and the FULL vocal support of Barack Obama. Now, Obama says he's not "interfering" -seeif you can think why:). Lol. Those are the facts. I realize facts are viewed as "skepticism" here, but facts are reality-not skepticism-and coming full circle, it is a FACT that the average retail ST trader loses over time to pros. It is a zero sum game of course, but the % of winners in the game is disproportionately PRO.It's not a debate. It's a statistic. If you ST trade in a correction or you trade ST up AND down any time, and you make money, you've conquered the odds and that makes you a PRO-like Blue.So, Blue made money-he says there were "opportunities"-not exactly:). There were "opportunities" to out trade retail lemmings. Those are all facts. Look em up. All I ever try to do is discourage retail, inexperienced "traders" from trying to beat guys like Blue-%s say they won't. That's called a FACT-not "skepticism". Unreal.

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    • Living in Egypt looks exhausting. How do these people do it? I can only assume SodaStream Energy syrup sales are through the roof.

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