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  • stockscapital stockscapital Jul 3, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us

    Trying to get rid of the one guy that gave excellent advice and helped out (for no charge) the average retail investor like me navigate the sharks and try to avoid being raped and pillaged from WS. Just because you don't like his delivery, aren't bright enough for the quips or just disagree with him is no reason to go on an all out assault today. Really felt like a capitulation of the past few weeks. I would not be surprised to never see him around here again. Then what are you "Mean Girls” (putting it nicely) going to do with your time? I'm sure I'm not the only one bummed out if this happens. Every thumbs down is going to feel like a 3 volley salute. I'm proud get to them, bring em on.

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    • blueleon Jul 4, 2013 3:11 AM Flag

      But let's look at who the man really heart as they say. Let's look at his delivery as you call it from his posts and see how in the world you can defend such a disgusting person and it takes a lot for me to say that, but look at this god awful post Stockscapital:

      "I can't even believe it. My old lady dragged me(kicking and screaming) to Target today. Cant even rmember last time I've been in one of these Hell holes:).How in the world do people STAND those places? I hate to be an elitist(but, I must:). It's bad enough how @@@@ing BIG those places(WMT, Costco, SAMs, etc. ) are. But, good God!!!-the people!!! Is this what America really looks like? Across ethic, socio-economic, etc. lines, some of the FATTEST, most sickening people I've ever seen. And, these FAT women wearing skin tight clothing. Thought I was gunna up chuck:)
      Anyhoo, we're in he bowels of the store(pun intended) looking door some idiotic floor sweeper/cleaner that I ain't EVER touching:) when I see the SodaStream end cap. Totally pathetic. Very few machines and just a few Flavors. Wassup wid dat Tej?"

      These are quips, puns? Seriously you think judging, pure judgement of the people he saw at Target, and in the way he views them as people is the mindset of a reasonable, morally sound person. This is as disgusting and elitist as it gets. I love the part about "I hate to be an elitist but I must". God forbid someone is overweight in the same way we should shun the old and decrepit and put a bullet in their tired, useless old body (describing the author of this disgusting post of course in case you weren't able to capture the mood and sentiment of my post lol) and be done with it already. No I guess we will just accept these horrid depictions from Atty right. This is someone trying to help the average investor. But it's funny, humorous even to ridicule people, establishments and product so long as we color it with a few caveats and Mark Twain-like atmospheric characterizations.

    • Let bygones be bygones.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Stocks..... Have no fear. Atty will be back. His life revolves around the Yahoo Soda board. He doesn't even own the stock but is the most frequent poster. And I listen to him, like I listen to a lot of other posters; Seth, Thburgh, Izzy, Cold, Bcartertrade and anyone else that might add value or have some ideas on Soda, other stocks or the market in general. You have to have a pretty thick skin to air out your investments and thoughts and defend them on this board. Vegan and Gentleman Jim are two guys that manage to have a meaningful discourse without the drama. Atty dishes out a lot of abuse. It is ok for him to be corrected every once in a while.

      I'm not interested in arguing with anyone. It isn't worth it. We all make bad calls and have bad timing. There isn't any way to invest without taking risks. But, I'm not going to make fun of someone and beat them when they are down. Lets all continue to pitch in our ideas and make $ together. Go long or go short. Keep the ideas flowing!

    • blueleon Jul 3, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

      It goes much deeper than that stockscapital. You haven't been here long enough and his underhanded jabs at others constantly is nothing less than abusive and I know for a fact many feel that away about the Guy. The facts are indeed all over the board how his delivery is nothing short of jabs at people and if everyone says the same thing, guess what, that's a fact. You want to support Atty then kudos to you but there has been no bigger antagonist here than him and his constant idiotic look at me look at me posts offer Jack #$%$ to investors. Internally yours Blue!

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