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  • gentlemanjim_98 gentlemanjim_98 Jul 6, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    The Ugliness on the Board

    The posts about Atty this past week have been the ugliest I’ve seen since joining the board, and they are as disgraceful as they are disgusting. The scorn heaped on Atty has been unfair and way out of proportion. Markjackson made his point in three posts and no vitriol; Blue's posts were practically all vitriol that required scores of posts delivered over three days. It has been an unrelenting and unhinged attack by Blue based on a perceived slight about an investment thesis. After Blue began his attempt to annihilate Atty over the perceived slight, the weak sisters started taking their cheap shots, proving there is no coward like the coward that piles on.

    Many have benefitted greatly from Atty’s knowledge of SODA and the market, not to mention the weekly internals data that he generously shares. Others have thanked Atty these past few days, and I’d like to join them: From all of us that benefitted from your participation and generosity, thank you very much, Atty. I hope you’ll be back soon.

    I am not the first to stand up against Blue’s current onslaught; he has already been exposed as a hypocritical bully. You can be sure of this: Blue will never give up his campaign of destruction against Atty (or the one he will commence against me). As I will explain more fully in “Psychoanalysis of Blueleon,” Blue has, in my opinion, a very low self-esteem and experiences all perceived slights as existential threats. His low self-esteem fuels an insecurity that drives an irrational attempt to control all aspects of his life, including this board, the people on it, and the exchange of their ideas. As he has shown, Blue will use intimidation, scorn, and character assassination to gain control by silencing other voices. His need for control will cease only when his opinions are the only ones you see on the board. I invite you all to read my following posts on what we can expect from Blue and what we can do. Apologies in advance for the length. - Jim

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