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  • gentlemanjim_98 gentlemanjim_98 Jul 6, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    Psychoanalysis of Blueleon

    As Blueneon has given his psychoanalytical opinion of Atty, so I will give mine of him. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is characterized by an extremely low self-esteem hidden behind a socially-acceptable façade, which the NPD person maintains by constantly lying about what they are and how they feel. The NPD person fears that the slightest challenge might expose their self-perceived worthlessness; they experience such a challenge as an existential threat. The fear of exposure creates an exaggerated need to control the world’s perception of the façade by any means necessary. Perception control is maintained by the development of, among other qualities, an arrogant persona, a lack of empathy and conscience, a need for constant praise, and disdain for others as inferior. Given their lack of regard for the truth, the words and actions of an NPD person are very often inconsistent, hypocritical, and illogical. They invariably bully people to get what they want, they irrationally insist that others think/ feel as they do, and they uses lies, half-truths, and character assassination to make themselves look better and others look worse. Their reactions are usually ridiculously disproportionate and are meant to intimidate.

    What does Blue say about himself? He’s “Not [on the board] to help,” he’s on the board “for entertainment and if necessary to level set the ignorant comments,” he claims “I can see and understand an acehole because I can be an acehole at times,” and “I'm not here for you or most people and I do deliver a rough message.” I think he tells you this so when you discover his views are inane, his attack on you was for his entertainment, he tried to level you because he doesn’t like your opinion, or he really is the #$%$ he says he is, he can say it’s your own fault for not believing him when he told you earlier. It’s called “duping delight” and it is also extremely common among people with NPD. See the next posting (three altogether).

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    • What do respected members of the board think of Blue? Drjohnlong, who Blue unfairly attacked, wrote “Blue is an #$%$.” Stockscapital called Blue and the weak sisters “Mean Girls,” a movie reference about narcissistic teenagers. Veganinvestor, also unfairly attacked by Blue, said of his posts, “I have never seen anyone dish out so many personal attacks in my life,” and Merri.evans wrote she “couldn’t agree more.” In the attacks on Atty, Drjohnlong, and Veganinvestor, you will see, among other things, Blue’s arrogance, his need to control, his disproportionate responses, and his use of lies, half-truths, and character assassination.

      How did Blue’s conduct towards Atty's postings differ from Markjackson's? Markjackson expressed his disagreement without vitriol in three posts. This is just some of the vitriol Blue used in the scores of e-mails he flooded the board with: “a sick man,” “a disgusting person,” an “egotistical maniac,” “immoral,” and the “inhumane part of humanity.” Markjackson’s reaction was rational, proportionate, and made no use of lies, half-truths, and character assassination. Not so with Blue’s reaction.

      Was Blue inconsistent or hypocritical in his attack on Atty? Blue repeatedly tells others they are too sensitive, but spent three days over-indulging his exaggerated sensitivity. Blue wrote that Atty’s “nipping a guy like mark for simply putting his two-cents in was unnecessary,” but he felt it was necessary to spend three days posting scores of messages in an attempt to annihilate Atty. Blue also said he bore no ill towards Atty. Really?! Blue’s unrelenting onslaught of vitriol was the epitome of ill will. Also, he says his vitriolic onslaught is him “just speaking his mind,” but Atty is a sick, disgusting, egotistical, and immoral for speaking his mind about an investment thesis that Blue agreed with? This level of inconsistency and hypocrisy can only be achieved when the truth has no inherent value. See next and last posting.

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      • Was Blue illogical in his attack on Atty? Blue accused Atty of threatening people using the following logic: The meaning of what someone writes is the exact opposite of what is actually written, Atty allegedly wrote that he DIDN'T threaten anybody, ergo, Atty threatened people. People with NPD often employ illogic to confound and confuse; no matter how little sense it makes, they think they can bully acceptance.

        The preceding is my opinion of Blue and my understanding of NPD; you can draw your own conclusions. This is the second time I’ve had to call Blue out; the first time was on 5/31/13 (at 11:14am and noon) when he unfairly attacked Veganinvestor. I would do the same for anyone else on this board because I don’t like unfair attacks.

        Blue might try to drive everyone he doesn’t like off the board in the same way he drove Atty off: blitzkrieg postings full of lies, half-truths, and character assassination. Blue’s attitude will likely be, “If you can’t stand a shyte bath, stay out of the sewer.” I don’t think we should let him turn this board into his sewer. The best way to frustrate Blue’s efforts at control is to (i) expose him for what he is so everyone knows what to expect (I’ve done that here but we all need to keep doing it), (ii) call him out when he is unfairly attacking another poster, and (iii) report all his abuses to yahoo.

        I have often written that I'm on this board to make money, and I welcome anyone's help in that effort. If you can share pertinent information about SODA, its partners, its competitors, companies it trades in tandem with, trends in SODA's stock and in the market, or trading strategies, you are helping me achieve my goal and I appreciate it. Atty did many of these things every week; Blue doesn’t do any of them. That's our loss. Remember Blue's words: he is a self-admitted #$%$ whose not here to help anyone, we are just entertainment to him, and he levels people whose comments he thinks are ignorant. GLTA. - Jim

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